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ZNEWS Archives for 1986

If you like driving Ben White and 183 today you'll love the Austin Transportation Study's plan for tomorrow. Based mostly on developer-related sources. the study projects a 3.3X compounded 35 year growth rate spread largely over the hill country to justify an 62 mile Houston-lite loop around the Capitol City. This loop will gut neighborhoods for crosstown linkage. squander scarce tax dollars for urban sprawl. pave the watershed. and eventually resegregate the city as white affiuence seeks tax relief in fringe communities .
No economic.envirormental.or social assessment has heen made beyond crude capital costs for 500 sq. miles of present-day traffic. In fact. such a gigantic future funding shortfall exists that Houstonization is inevitable with the ATS proposal.
Despite this. approval follows soon unless we all act. Local officials who comprise the federally recognized regional transportation planing body are feeling big money pressure from land speculators whose hillcountry acreage stands to sryrocket in value once an outer loop is built.
Largely ignored despite the urging of consultants and pleas of the public, is a Toronto-style northsouth corridor with dense new-city high-rise clusters linked by light rapid rail to soak up growth. Take the load off the road and save the city. Planned density clusters along rail corridors fed by a good bus system -- or outer loops and nrrighborhood freeways? Which do you favor?
Elected officials seem to think we voted for the Capital Metro sales tax as an accessosy to the crime of urban sprawl, rather than to achieve mobility and direct traffic sensibly.
Get involved for the city's sake.

BOARD MEMBERS TAKE NEW assignments A recent meeting of the Executive Beard of the ZNA was held to assign board members responsibilities. As previously reported. Glenna Belch was named President. Larry Akers is Vice President in charge of the Neighborhood Plan. Johnnie De Moss was made representative to Austin Neighborhood Council. Paulette Gravois is Treasurer. Richard Gravois is VP/representative to Sector 12. Cheryl Jennings-Sauer is historian. Bob Ogorzaly is Secretary. Sandy Howard-Parks is representative to United South Austin. Cicily Sinns is VP. Lu Young is SocialCardinator.