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ZNEWS Archives for 1985

The meeting this month will be a forum of all the City Council candidates for the April 6th at-large election. The forum Is being co-sponsored by the Zilker School PTA and the ZilCter Neighborhood Association.

LOST CANYON UPDATE: The developers of this prefect witndrew their request for a special permit for this site st Kinney Ave. and Barton Springs Rd. What this means for the future of Lost Canyon is unknown. The next development attempt may want a Kinney Ave. driveway also.

CAPIIAL IMPROVEMENTS PROGRAM: The current CIP includes the following projects which will affect ZNA over the next three years:
1) ~30,000 for the Zilker School Park
2) re-building the Lamar Street Bridge
3) re-building the South Ist Street Bridge
4) re-building Lamar Blvd. from Town take to Ben White
5) re-building Btlrton Springs Rd. from Lamar to Barton Creek
6) re-building Robert E. Lee Rd. from Barton Hills Dr. to Barton Springs Rd.
7) re-building Oltorf Rd. from Lamar to IH 35.

TOWN LAKE PARK ALLIANCE In the wake of the January elections, the town Lake Park Alliance is t.aking a broader approach to shaping the future! of the Town Lake corridor. TheAiliance has adopted the following set of goals. i) Dedicate the 54 acres of city-owned land south of Auditorium Shores for future development as parkland. 7) Dedicate all city parkland along Town take that is not presently dedicated r c?rl. Fiesta Gardens, Festival Beach, and Sand Beach Reserve.) 5) Encouragc private developers and landowners along Town Lake to provide a :Ilrffer of public green space adjacent to the riverfront. 4) Complete and improve the Town I_ake hike and bike system. 5) Restore Town lake and Its tributaries to clean, natural (swlmmable) pur ity by 1990. 6) Reduce the non-profit user fees for Auditorium Shores, Fiesta Gardens, and palmer Auditorium. The current fee for Auditorium Shores is $2500. 7) Reserve the city land at ,3rd St. and West Ave. as a possible site for a civic and conventinn center. 8) Dedicate a portion of the convention center profits for the acquisition and improvement of city parks and open space. 9) Designate W. i st St., l.afre Austin B Ivd., and Riverside Dr. to 111 35 as Seen ic Ar ter ials. lo help attain these goals, the Alliance will do fundraising and have a membership drive. Look for a big party at Zilker Clubhouse on March 271h, and for many other signs of the TLPA. The battle to save Town Lake for Austinites is far from over.

XLRISCAPE is a new word in Austin's vocabulary, and it comes to us from the Energy Management Department's new water conservation program,developed in cooperation with many Austin area landscape professionals. XERISCAPf comes from the Creek word 'xeros' meaning dry, and means water and energy conservation through creative landscaping. A XERISCAPL demonstration garden will open at the Zilker Garden Center in May. For more information about how XERISCAPE can help you, call the City's Water Saver Hotline at 444-1300.

SECTOR 12 PLANNING Vnder mandate from Proposition 15, the city Office of Land Development Services Office of Planning and Growth Management has divided the city into 15 sectors for the purpose of comprehensive planning. Zilker Neighborhood is part of Sector 12 (near South Austin) and is well-represented in the sector planning group. Sector 12 includes the area from Town Lake to Ben White, and Barton Creek to IH-35.
I he city is upgrading its guidance of neighborhood plans and is attempting to integrate those plans into the sector plans, which together wilt comprise the city's master plan. These plans will have the power of ordinance which gives them much greater stature than previous master planning efforts. Anyone wanting to participate in the Sector 12 Plan is invited to Becker School, March ;ZOth for a meeting from 7 to 9 PM.
We are pleased with the city for making this a grass-roots process, one which we hope will give us a stronger voice in city policy regarding zoning end development, capital improvements, and neighborhood issues in general. With comprehensive planning we will not have to devote such energy to figbting outlandish development proposals, etc., and we can get on with the real business of neighborhood integrity.

BABYSITTING CO-OP The Zilker Babysitting Co-op now has 19 participating families. We have r ccently changed our accounting system. The Co-op now uses 'chits' (ZilLer Play Money) rather than the old phone-in point system. If you have been planning on investigating Co-op membership, we invite you to join us. Membership is limited to 30 families. Kathy Thomas is the current secretary. Her number is 447-5037; or you