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Zilker Neighborhood Association 
Austin, Texas

index History

Austin, Texas

Zilker Neighborhood Association (ZNA) is in Austin, Texas. 
Town Lake on North, Barton Creek on West, Rabb Road + LaCasa on South, Union Pacific RR on East 
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It was a dark and scary night when ZNA was founded on May 30, 1981 in response to a proposal to build the Kinney Avenue Condos.  Then the rains came in biblical quantities and on the next day we had the Memorial Day Flood. 

The condos were built two years later, and are now the Ashton Green Condos, but we took the message of the flood as incentive to get involved in sensible planning. Since then we have worked with developers and city staff to influence designs and do what we could to keep Austin as the very livable city that it is. 

Some of the changes since 1981: 
Traffic Light at Kinney and Barton Springs (Cars used to line up as far back as Kerr) 
Zilker Place, Talisman, Zilker Skyline 
Lamar Widening, Baron Springs Road, Umlauf Gardens, Footbridge over Barton Creek 

The most famous resident of our neighborhood is Barton Springs. She has two sister springs that are quiet most of the time. When it rains too much one sister comes up on Lamar Boulevard near Chateau Paris. The other sister is in Lamar Plaza near the Dexter extrance. As far as can be known, no one has yet tried to exploit the obvious "tubing" rights that are dormant. (Just kidding!! :)) 

 Some names to tickle your memory

Members who have represented us at public hearings: 
Larry Akers, Glenna Balch, Cicily Simms, Charles Whitford, Marcia Lucas, Mike Murphy, Shudde Fath, Richard Gravois, Libby Farris, Kaye Trybus, Bob Ogazaly, Jeff Jack, James Rounds, Margaret Reed-Lade, Harriet Gonzales, T Paul Robbins, 

Public Servants and Elected Officials that were part of our history 
Roger Duncan, Larry Deuser, Sally Shipman, Max Nofziger, Glen Maxey, Daryl Slusher, Jackie Goodman, Jack Goodman, Cicily Simms, Gus Garcia 
Zilker School Principals 
Roger Moore, Gilbert Cantu, Ms. Bera, Ms. Trevino 
Lost Canyon (How many times?) 

Advertisers from ZNEWS: 
Henry Benedict,  KalidoProperties, Cutrer's City Market, Southside Printing,  Jeff Jack,  Jane Cravey, 

Some scenes in our neighborhood  

Some things under construction

Archive of ZNEWS Newsletters 

Other pictures from the neighborhood 
Other Historical insights 
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