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ZNEWS Archives for 1996

1. Charles Whitford - Noise Assault/handouts
2. Pete Champion - Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission
3. Nominations and voting on ZNA president and secretary

The Sounds of Summer - The summer season has brought a combination of factors together to create some unhappy Zilker neighbors; live, amplified music, open windows, and an unusual natural ampitheater effect. The June 11 ZNA board meeting mushroomed into a approximately 25-strong meeting with the APD, Fire Department, TABC, a representative of at least one restaurant, and quite a few Zilker dwellers. Some folks who live in the north end of Zilker, particularly those on the cliff above Barton Springs road are faced with the sounds of music so loud it sounds as if they hired the band themselves. Perhaps some people enjoy the loud music, but we're heard quite a few complaints. Frustrated neighbors, spearheaded by Charles Whitford have been working with the Austin Police Department trying to get some relief. Charles and others are keeping a close eye (and ear) on the situation, and are quick to lodge complaints when the restaurants/clubs go past their legal decibel and time limits. We will have information about filing complaints to handout at the meeting.

Get Out The Vote - once again we are taking nominations for President of Zilker Neighborhood Association. But this time we actually have a candidate; Charles Whitford, (formerly of Treadwell Street, now of Cater) is interested in taking on the task. We applaud his interest, and hereby give the opportunity for anyone else to throw their hat into the ring. We also need a Secretary, and help with the newsletter. ZNA welcomes all interested parties. If you are interested in becoming more involved in Zilker Neighborhood goings- on, please consider becoming a ZNA Board Member. Your participation and input would be welcome and appreciated. Please contact Marcellina Kampa 440-1475 if you are interested.
We will vote on these offices at the upcoming meeting.

Zilker School Library - Jackie Kraal, Zilker school librarian is once again generously opening the Zilker school library for children and adults in the neighborhood. The hours are 4-8 pm on Tuesdays through the summer.

New Babies - Mary Lea McAnally and husband Britt Pasloske had a baby girl, Kay, at home on Mother's Day May 12. ZNA Board member and newsletter contributor Donna Barton and husband Rob and had a baby girl Abigail, on May 19, also born at home. She joins three year old brother Shae. Congrats to the new Zilkerbabies!

South Central Coalition- The following neighborhood associations have joined fbrces to create the new South Central Coalition (SCC): Avenue Merchants Ass., Barton Hills, Barton Oaks, Bouldin Creek, Dawson, South River City Citizens, and Zilker Neighborhood Association. These organizations plan to cooperate on major issues of mutual concern. Initial meetings have identified three major areas of concern: 1) Parks & Environment 2) Transportation & Public Safety 3) Land Use and Urban Design. If you are interested in gnding out more about this group, and to get dates and places of upcoming meetings, contact Tom Larkin at 442-4845.

Shhhh! Don't tell the Barton Hillbillies!
- It's a little known secret that the Umlauf Sculpture Garden (at 605 Robert E Lee Rd.) directed by Nelie Plourde, is free to Zilker neighbors on the last Thrusday of each month from 1-4:30.

Honey It's Our Anniversary - In May 1981, several neighbors got together to discuss the proposed Kinney Avenue condos (now known as Ashton Green). When the meeting adjourned, the rains started, and the next day became historic as the Memorial Day Flood of 1981.

Stand and Delilver - Do you prefer to get involved in a behind-the-scenes way? Do you like to exercise and see the neighborhood! A great way to do both is to help deliver the ZNews. Deliverers are needed for Collier, Arpdale, Deverne, Rabb Road, Anita, Ford, Valeria and parts of Oxford and Garner.