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Zilker Neighborhood Association 
Austin, Texas

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Zilker Neighborhood Association (ZNA) is in Austin, Texas. 
Town Lake on North, Union Pacific RR on East to Oltorf, then South Lamar to Barton Skyway on South, and RaeDell to Rabb to Robert E. Lee and including Zilker Park on West 


President: Robin Cravey 
1st Vice President: Elizabeth Yevich
2nd Vice President: Deborah Bice-Broussard
Treasurer: Jane Kurzawa Cravey 
Secretary: Steve Barnick
ANC Representative: Lorraine Atherton
Social Chair: Wendy Papasan
Newsletter Editor: Wendy Papasan
Newsletter Advertising: Fontaine Maverick
Zoning Chair: Michael Heffernan
Town Lake Park Representative: Kaye Trybus
Holiday Family Project Organizer: Barbara Cossie

Webmaster: Richard Gravois ( 

Austin Mayor's Race

Voting Precincts: 332 (Zilker School), 462 (Parks & Rec Bldg) 

Neighboring Associations 
ZNA is a member of the South Central Coalition of neighborhoods (sector 7 of the Austin Neighborhoods Council):
  • Barton Hills Neighborhood Association

  • Bouldin Creek

  • Dawson Neighborhood Association

  • Galindo Elementary Neighborhood Assn.

  • South Lamar Neighborhood Association

  • South River City Citizens

  • and the Avenue Merchants Association

    Other South Austin Neighborhood Associations:

  • Barton Oaks Neighborhood Association

  • Barton View Neighborhood Association

  • Beaconridge Neighborhood Association

  • Cherry Creek on Brodie

  • Deer Park

  • Oak Hill Association of Neighborhoods

  • Southwood Neighborhood Association

  • Texas Oaks South

  • Austin Planning_Area 17 
    Census 78704

    General Membership Quarterly Executive Committee Meeting
    7 PM, February 23, 2004
    Zilker School
    1900 Bluebonnet Avenue
    7 PM, April 6, 2004
    Arts Rib House
    Lamar & Bluebonnet
    New! Web Site
    Letter from Quakers as HTML and as a WORD Doc

    Zilker School HomePage

    Arts Calendar

    Theaters within our boundaries

    Zach Scott
    Zilker Hillside Theater"


    At your Doorstep

    ACC April26 Flyer (PDF)


    We welcome Alien Scooters to our neighborhood! The current Alien Scooters store is located at 910 South 1st St. (447-4220 - shared phone no. with their fax machine). I met with Ann McSpadden this week. She and Daniel White have this business, and NEXT WEEK they will be moving to 1122B South Lamar Plaza. That address used to be a game room next to the Yoga class. Construction is finishing sooner than originally planned. They have about a dozen models, different colors, and have been letting the inventory lower for the move. Some look like bikes, some like skateboards. All electric, all varieties. One is intended to carry 350 pounds, and you can hook a little trailer to it. I also saw a model that has pedal assist! (in case a battery ran out I suppose)

    In addition, so they can live close to their work, if you hear of an affordable home for sale in our area, they have Alien Scooters website from which you can send them email.

    And phones:

    Ann McSpadden 799-4874
    Daniel White 963-9867

    I've already seen several scootin' around Zilker. Since it's hard to hear them, you have to be on the lookout.


    This is for widespread Zilker distribution. -Bobby

    Sometimes concerns arise from neighbors about a CITY related or regulated activity. Maybe you need the number to report a traffic light out. Or you may wonder what exactly is zoning, and what is your property zoned? Maybe you have no big emergency, but curiosity prompts a question on exactly how some law is enforced. There's no single source for all answers. But here are some practical sources to get the answer or service faster.

    1) Austin has a frequently asked questions website:

    2) At that website, scroll down to "Other City Departments' FAQ's"
    For neighborhoods select: Neighborhood Resource Guide

    3) Customer Service Directory (select A to Z)

      Not everyone is internet connected, so for telephone solutions:
    • City of Austin's INFORMATION AND REFERRAL 974-2000
    • Zilker's APD District Representative, Mike Summers 974-8241
    • Neighborhood Planning and Zoning Department 974-7695
    • Report a traffic signal out 457-4851
    • 24 Hour Electric Dispatch 494-9400

    History:  It was a dark and scary night...

    Upcoming Events!!!

    Other Links:
    New Stuff

    Executive Committee Minutes June 1999
    Executive Committee Minutes May 99

    Traffic measures
    Traffic Calming devices

    Znews Archives

      ZNA Bylaws

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    Some scenes in our neighborhood  


    Some things under construction

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