Parking Counts in ZNA

Here are some named "areas" in ZNA. Beside each street is a box in which you can enter the number of cars parked there when you walked by.
The grouping is somewhat arbitrary, but I wanted to divide it up into contiguous chunks that will get some or all of the parking from the festival.
So if you print this out and go make the counts and come back and do your data entry, and then press the "submit" button down there...
what will we have?
I don't know, but we will try to make sense of it.
West of KinneyEast of Kinney
area-1 Virginia Treadwellarea-2 Hillmont
area-3 Dexter-Ashbyarea-4 Treadwell-Heather
area-5 Ashby-Hollandarea-6 Ashby-Heather
area-7 Holland-LaCasaarea-8 Heather-Lamar
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Parking counts in Zilker
Area 1 "Virginia Treadwell"
Cliff 500 Cater 500 Kinney 500
Virginia 1500
Cliff 600Kinney 600
Linscomb 1500
Barton Blvd 700 Garner 700 Kinney 700
Juliet 1500
Barton Blvd 800 Garner 800 Kinney 800
Kerr 1700 Kerr 1600 Kerr 1500
Bluebonnet 900 Garner 900 Kinney 900
Treadwell 15,16,1700
Area2 "Hillmont"
Hillmont 1200
Ethel 600 Jewel 600 Josephine 600
Juliet 1200
Ethel 900 Jewel 900 Josephine 900
Treadwell East
Dexter East
Shopping Center
Area 3 "Dexter Ashby" !!
Bluebonnet 1000 Folts 1000 Garner 1000 Kinney 1000
Lund Dexter 15,16,1700
bluebonnet 1100 Folts 1100 Garner 1100 Kinney 1100
Margaret 15,16,17
Folts 1200 Garner 1200 Kinney 1200
Folts 1300 Garner 1300 Kinney 1300

Long ago and far away
Soon this too will be named

So what does this mean?