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.topic minutes (1982dec)

IN CASE YOU MISSED THE LAST MEETING, HERE'S WHAT HAPPENED........ The November 8, 1982 meeting of the Zilker Neighborhood Association elected new officers of the association. These are President: Richard Gravois, Vice President: Cicily Simms, Secretary: Walt Bronstad, Treasurer: Charles Lohrmann, Neighborhood Council Representative: Glenna Balch. Cicily Simms noted that the association represents 81 members and has a treasury balance of $240. Glenna Balch proposed that our association accept membership in United South Austin, an association of neighborhood groups. This extended association will give us access to and outlet for broader community concerns. The member- ship endorsed her suggestion. Cicily Simms explained her role on the city's zoning commission task force. She solicited any expression of con- cerns about the proposed changes in the zoning statutes. Index(minutes)

.topic councilmember (1982dec)
Guest speaker City Councilmember Larry Deuser informally announced his candidacy for another term on the City Council. He emphasized the need for "eternal vigilance" within the community to insure that the inevitable flow of change be acceptable to the community. Mr. Deuser challenged: "if you have a vision of what your homestead, and your neighborhood, and your city should be, get involved!" He cited threats to adverse zoning changes, neighborhood deforming development, citizen complacency and neighborhood association infiltration by exponents of neighborhood disruption, and Quality Austin. Mr. Deuser cited the positive possibilities of the Neighborhood Watch program and of the city's "Guide to Home Security" publication. by Walt Bronstad on Norris Index(councilmember)

.topic stopsign (1982dec)
STOPPING UNEXPECTEDLY Everyone by now has either stopped or not stopped, as the case may be, at the two new stop signs on Bluebonnet at Hether and Rundell by the school. It's going to take us a while to get used to the change in the traffic flow at that intersection. Although a new stop sign usually causes some grumbling on the part of the driver who is used to a faster pace, most of us would probably agree that despite the initial inconvenience, these signs are a welcome addition to the neighborhood. It's much safer for pedestrians now, especially for the children crossing the street to and from school. Thanks to Don Bell on Bluebonnet for his work with the Urban Transportation Department in getting these signs up so quickly. Now, about the stop sign at the top of the Kinney Avenue hill.... Index(stopsign)

.topic anc (1982dec)
AUSTIN NEIGHBORHOODS COUNCIL AUSTIN NEIGHBORHOODS COUNCIL, comprised of representatives from neighborhood associations in the Austin area, meets once a month on the 4th Monday at the Howson Branch Library Meeting Room at 7:30 p.m. Visitors are always wel- come. At the October meeting, Natalie deBlois and Karen McGraw presented the Downtown Revitalization Task Force's recom- mended new Central Business District Zoning. This proposed zoning, intended to replace existing zoning for contiguous 4th Height and Area District, have been presented to both the Planning Commission and the City Council for consideration. Their CBD zoning plan was depicted on a large map of the downtown area with plastic overlays added to show the concepts of the plan. Important parts of their concepts include: no height limitation of building in the CBD, the Central Business District would be only the property that is zoned as 4th Height and Area (not to include the surrounding 3rd Height and Area Dis- trict), special view corridors identified to protect the view of the capitol, and a decrease of planned parking for new build- ings. A major goal of this plan is to encourage a people-oriented environment as opposed to an automobile-oriented environ- ment, discourage automobile use and encourage the use of mass transit. Index(anc)

.topic sinclair_black (1982dec)
The November meeting featured Sinclair Black's proposal for the new city hall. His design locates the multiuse municipal complex and City Hall on four blocks at the intersection of First Street and Congress Avenue. His plan links Town Lake and the Capitol into a powerful Congress Avenue statement. Some specific urban design objectives are: complete Congress Avenue and create a great civic plaza, protect the Congress Avenue view corridor, create a significant mixed-use day/night facility in an important location in Austin for the first time, and creat a strong symbol for local government and a symbolic space to anchor the south end of Congress Avenue. The proposed new zoning ordinance was discussed at ANC request by Sally Shipman, and Smoot Carl-Mitchell outlined recent task force recommendations and future public hearings at City Council Chambers. Index(sinclair)

.topic censustracts (1982dec)
WORK ON THE NEIGHBORHOOD PLAN Zilker Neighborhood Association has boundaries that coincide approximately with voting precincts 330 & 332 and also with CENSUS TRACTS 13.03 and 13.04. The following data was gleaned from 1980 CENSUS reports which the Planning Commission gave us. AGE GROUPING Z.N.A. Travis County 485 35958 8-17 663 71213 18-34 2675 17554 35-64 1295 106190 over64 741 30671 Median 28.7 26.6 Total 5859 419573 ETHNIC GROUPS Angle 4679 302076 Black 179 44988 Hispanic 999 72271 HOUSING Owner Occupied 1179 80733 Renter Occupied 1556 77699 Total 2735 158432 Percent owner occupied 43.1 51 Median Value 40000 Median Rent 200 Household size 2.14 INCOME Household 12600 Family 15800 Per capita 7600
There are many more raw facts that can be had which will go into building a neighborhood plan that reflects our history and that helps us with our future. Some things of interest that we can use bit that no one has taken the time to find are:
1) how many of us vote?
2) how many streets are here?
3) how many of what kinds of businesses are here?
4) how many schools, churches, ets. are here?
5) how long has all that been here?
6) how long have we been here? There are some families with 3 generations living here are there any with four?
As we find out these things we will have better facts upon which to base a plan. If you know any of the above or are willing to research some or all of them please call Richard Gravois at 441-3430. Index(censustracts)

.topic history_at_virginia_avenue (1982dec)
In 1875, Lucy and Isaac Van Zandt Davis, the owners of 49 acres of field and pasture in South Austin including the Virginia Avenue area, contracted a carpenter to build the house now standing at 1610 Virginia Avenue. The house is currently owed by the Cater Joseph family and is referred to by the Heritage Society of Austin as "Wisteria." The total cost to the Davis family, including labor and materials, was $1155. The 22" thick stone walls were built of hard-rock quartz which was quarried at Oak Hill, and all the doors were built with transoms.
In 1893, the Griffin family bought the property, and sold it to my grandfather, George P. Kinney, in 1916. The price he paid for the house and property was $7,500. That same year, George P. Kinney undertook an extensive remodeling project on the house which included the addition of the two-story front porch and a frame two-story addition at the rear of the house. Thus the Kinney occupancy of 1610 Virginia began in 1916, and the Kinney family maintained possession of the property for the next 50 years.
I remember the lovely lavender wisteria that snaked and curled around the trunk of the huge live oak tree in the front yard and draped lazily from the lower branches. But when I lived there, from 1946 to 1966, the residence was not named after the vine; then the stone still retained its natural color and the place was simply the Kinney Home.
One thing about the house that I remember with particular fondness is the safe feeling I always felt while I lived within the sanctity of those massive stone walls. Whenever there was a tornado warning, some of the neighbors would scurry over to our house so they would be safe from the storm. Of course then it would develop into a party and everyone would forget all about the storm, and sometimes some of the folks would end up staying all night. I always felt safe in that house, and proud of it, too.
And the upstairs sleeping porch-how wonderful it was to sleep on that porch! We always slept there, even in winter. It was only screened in, but we had lots of warm quilts and blankets. I remember how on cold nights all of us kids would stand right inside the door that led out to the sleeping porch and gather our courage to make that frantic, barefooted rush to the beds. The porch floor would be icy cold and the sheets, too, for a minute or so. But then our body heat would warm up the bed and we'd be just as comfortable as could be, all snuggled up looking out through the trees into those cold, starry nights. And although some people thought it was unhealthy, we hardly ever had colds. I think it was because we breathed in all that cold, fresh air instead of old heated-up inside air that kept in the germs.
Another thing that helped us stay healthy (though at the time I considered it a terribly unjust system of forced labor) was working in the big garden on the north side of the house where now there is a swimming pool. I must have spent a full 1/3 of my childhood pulling nut-grass in that garden. And no matter how much we'd pull, the next week there would be twice as much there again. My dad, Girard Kinney, Sr., would stand out there without his shirt and drink his beer, and lecture us on the merits of doing a job right. Of course he worked hard too, and he'd show us about digging way down to get the nut out, not just breaking the grass off the top. I think there may be something metaphysical about nut-grass, but the ground would get sunbaked and rock-hard, and I never got really good at getting the stuff out-my heart just wasn't in it. When we weren't working, we'd take what money we'd earned or begged from mother (Cleora Kinney) and we'd walk up to the "little store" at Kinney Avenue. I'm not sure what the building is used for now, but then it was a neighborhood center of activity. I'd walk up there to get something for mother and buy a BabyRuth dr something with the change. Of course, I'd have to eat whatever it was on the way back in order to get rid of the evidence. Or if we didn't go to the little store and it was summer, we'd walk to Barton Springs through the woods east of Robert E. Lee Road. There would always be millions of stickers in the field just before the east entrance to Bartons, and one of us would always have left our shoes at home and have to be carried over the sticker patch.
Something else that was a constant source of excitement at the Kinney Home was the rabbit pen in the backyard. The bucks were kept in hutches, but we built a really nice natural-habitat pen for the does and babies. First we dug an 18-inch deep trench around the perimeter (about 30' x 30'). Then we laid long cedar posts lengthwise in the trench, end to end, to staple chicken wire to. Next we put the verticle posts in, stretched the wire, stapled it to the posts in the bottom, and finally filled back in the trench with rock and dirt. The pen held the rabbits really well, usually, but at times they'd dig out anyway, no matter what we did. Inside the pen, the rabbits had it made. They had a nice water pond and countless holes with a labyrinth of interconnecting tunnels all over the place. When the baby rabbits were born, there would often be thirty or forty furry black, tan, grey, and spotted puffs of energy popping up and down all over the pen. It was great fun trying to catch them, although we were supposed to leave them pretty well alone. I think the rabbit pen was built in about 1956, when I was ten.
There are many more stories about my life at 1610 Virginia Avenue, that truly reflect the changing of the times, and I'm sure the current residents have stories of their own that would also be interesting to hear. But one thing remains constant amid the myriad of changes that inevitably accompany the passage of time: those stone walls will be there, essentially unchanged (except for the paint), to challenge the imagination and enlist the respect of many generations to come. by George E. Kinney Index(history)

.topic zoning (1982dec)
Austin's current zoning ordinance was adopted in 1931 to match the 1927 city plan. At that time Austin had a population of 50,000 and was 30 square miles.
Austin's proposed new zoning ordinance was contracted for in 1979, already 3 years in progress. Austin now has a population of 372,000 and is 130 square miles.
Approximately 60 public hearings have been held on this ordinance. Due to the last minute effort from "Quality Austin," an organization supporting development, to have the proposed ordinance scrapped (they bought full page advertisements in the Austin American Statesman entitled "WARNING" which turned this ordinance into an emotional issue for folks who had not read the ordinance), the planning commission appointed three task forces: residential, commercial and procedural.
Cicely Simms, ZNA vice-president was on the residential task force. Some compromises were made, but the residential section of the ordinance mostly remains as written. The task force was scheduled for 8 hours a week for 6 weeks-lots of work! Thank you, Cicily!
The commercial task force had different results, we understand. That group of people tore the commercial ordinance section of the zoning ordinance apart and have re-done it with many changes. One change is recommending that the Central Business District be expanded to cross Town Lake. That could put downtown in our neighborhood.
Two public hearings on this ordinance are scheduled at city council chambers in December: December 2 and December 16. If you can help, speak or write letters, please do. For more information, call Richard Gravois at 441-3430 or Glenna Balch 442-0554. Index(zoning)

.topic usa (1982dec)
UNITED SOUTH AUSTIN, a new group composed of representative from neighborhoods, civic clubs, and other organizations in South Austin, approved and adopted its Bylaws on November 10, 1982. More time was spent on Section 5(c) of the Bylaws which stated:
The Corporation will not formally adopt an official position or undertake any action without the approval of 60% of the members present at the meeting.
After earnest discussion and several votes, the "60% " was changed to "100%." Organizations that have been represented at the meetings include:
Becker Area Community Organization
Bouidin Creek Neighborhood Association
Nuckols Crossing Neighborhood Association
South Austin Civic Club
South Austin Multi-Purpose Center
South Austin Neighborhood Council
South First Street Coordinating Council
South West Austin Neighborhood Association
Southwood Neighborhood Association
Zilker Neighborhood Association

inwood The Inwood Hills Food Co-op has gone out of business. It was started by Mrs. Maren Hicks, 2305 Wilke, managed by her (she bought and sold the food), and most of the time she delivered the food via her bicycle. It all began about two years ago when Maren discovered that the Yellow Rose Cooperative Warehouse, (located at the time on South Lamar next to Kenpo Karate) offered bulk food at extremely low prices. But, to shop at Yellow Rose, she had to buy in large quantities: 5 Ibs. of cheese, 50 Ibs. of oatmeal, 60 Ibs. of honey. etc. So Maren approached her neighbors and friends in the Zilker and Barton Heights area with the idea of forming a food co-op. She said we could receive high quality, nutritous food at the lowest cost. And she said she would do the shopping! 1 How could we turn her down! Eventually Maren's co-op served 25 households. She took food orders regularly from each household and travelled to Yellow Rose for the purchase, putting her money up-front and depending on her "customers" to pay up when they received their orders. For those in the neighborhood with "small" orders (which typically could be 3 Ibs. of cheese, 2 number 10 cans of oats and 5 Ibs. of raisins) Maren often put the food in her backpack and rode her bike to make the delivery. She enjoyed her new busi- ness, and as she is a housewife with two grown children, she said she had the time to do it. Then some changes occurred. Yellow Rose moved from its convenient location to the southeast part of town; various food stores opened offering bulk, nutritious food at reasonable prices; and many of us got busier and busier, making one-stop shopping seem to be more efficient. Reluctantly, last month Maren closed her non-profit business. It was just not practical anymore. She needed a group of people with no outside jobs in order to make the co-op operate to meet her expectations. Among her 25 households, there is interest in co-op shopping, but just not the time. Maren sees this type of food co-op being practical in a small town where organic food may not be available. She does not advise anyone to start a "business" like this, but says that if you feel you are in a position that it could work, contact Yellow Rose for a booklet: "How to Organize Food-buying Go-ops in Texas." Thank you, Maren, for providing this one-of-a-kind service in Inwood Hills. We'll miss everything but the millet! Index(inwood)

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.topic meeting (1983mar)

MARCH MEETING 7 pm Monday, March 21st Kinney Avenue Baptist Church All the city council candidates have been invited to make a short presentation. Come and decide how to vote in the April election. Index(meeting )

.topic burglar (1983mar)


In our neighborhood, in a four-block area, twelve homes have been burglarized in the last two months. On the nights of Christmas Eve, New Year's Eve and February Ilth multiple homes had jewelry, money and other valuables taken. The neighborhood should be alerted to this rash of crime. We as a neighborhood should take whatever steps we can for the safety of our homes, our families, and our possessions. Two months ago our home was burglarized. We were out one night for only two hours, and in that time out house was ransacked and money and valuable jewelry was taken. The police told us that we were probably the victims of a gang of juveniles who have performed other burglaries in this neighborhood in the past When we asked what could be done to prevent burglaries in the future, the police told us that there was very little we could do and very little they could do. One problem the police cited was that in the past they have arrested juveniles, and that the juvenile system was such that the kids stayed on the street.
We cannot tolerate routine burglaries in our neighborhood. We would like to have a meeting of all those who have been burglarized. As a group we can come up with a plan of preventive action. Together we can raise our voices and let the Police Department and the City know of our problems and our needs. There are also things we can do as a neighborhood to lower the risk of crime. If you have been burglarized, please contact the number below. If anyone else is interested in protecting our neighborhood, please call also. Together we can stop these burglaries.
Telephone: 445-6933
Ed. Note: The writer does not wish to be identified, due to the nature of the problem.

.topic usa (1983mar)


United South Austin (USA), a group composed of representatives from neighborhood associations, civic clubs and other groups in South Austin has met twice since our January 17, 1983 Zilker meeting.
At the 1-19-83 USA Meeting the main concern was the proposed New Zoning Ordinance in its revised form of December 7, 1982(to date, the latest revision available to the public). Lengthy discussions evolved regarding the radical change in the revision the expansion of the central area parking exemption making the new boundaries south of the river as follows: IH-35, Riverside Drive, E. Bouldin Creek, Post Oak, S. Lamar to the river. Expanding the central area parking exemption in effect expands the Central Business District to the same boundaries. Therefore, intensive development of the 4th-height-and-area type (200 ft. height limitation according to current zoning ordinance; no height limit under proposed new zoning ordinance) would be allowed and encouraged within these boundaries. Furthermore, the parking exemption allows the builder to provide only 10% of the parking that the development would generate. USA unanimously moved that United South Austin urges the City Council to confine the central area parking exemption to the contiguous 4th Height and Area district north of the river.
The above motion was presented to the City Council at the 1-20-83 public hearing on the Zoning Ordinance
Needing more time to study the possible results, the City Council has delayed voting on this ordinance.
The 2-3-83 USA meeting saw more discussion concerning the new Zoning Ordinance. It was decided that each member would study the proposed ordinance and come to the next meeting prepared to vote on:
To support the ordinance with specified changes and what the changes should be, and To support the Zilker Neighborhood Association letter to the City Council (that we requested Cicily Simms write at our last ZNA meeting, outlining our specific objections to the new ordinance). by Glenna Balch

.topic zoning (1983mar)

PROPOSED NEW ZONING ORDINANCE For the latest United Austin Meeting on March 2, 1983, James Pinedo, USA founder, from Bouldin Creek Neighborhood Association, compiled a list of 17 objections to the December 7, 1982 draft. United South Austin unanimously voted to oppose the following parts of the 12-7-82 draft: the extension of the Central Area Parking Exemption Boundaries (which brings downtown zoning south of Town Lake), the weakening of compatibility standards between single family and multi-family housing, the removal of the traffic increase limits for new multi-family housing developments. USA also voted unanimously for adding a neighborhood planning policy, the Neighborhood Conservation Combining Districts, allowance of earlier site plan review neighborhoods and a requirement that neighborhood associations be notified when zoning change applications are made. USA agreed to consider the Downtown Overlay Zone (for example Town Lake, Congress Avenue and E Sixth Street) concept, the open grandfather clauses of the ordinance (Property now zoned 3rd height & area could be developed under the old ordinance for 10 years forward), and Central Business District height limits (should it have a height limit? how high?). These parts we will vote on at the March 16, 1983 meeting. The Austin Neighborhood Council discussed these same 17 objections and agreed to vote on these problems at the March 28, 1983 ANC meeting.

.topic dues (1983mar)
Richard Gravois, President $1.00 for Senior Citizens (65 and over)
1402 Kinney Avenue Name
Austin, Texas 78704 Address
Z NEWS: Editor Beth Brown, Circulation Paulette Gravois, CONTRIBUTORS: Glenna Balch, Walt Bronstad, Richard Gravois, Eleanor McKinney

.topic vote (1983mar)

VOTE the day before Easter) If you are planning a trip that weekend, you can vote absentee at the Municipal Building, 8th and Colorado, or at the South Austin Multi-Purpose Center, 2508 Durwood, March 14 - 19. Index(vote )

.topic znaminutes (1983mar)

ZNA met January 17th at Kinney Ave: Baptist Church. agenda subJects were:
Resubdivision at Bluebonnet and Frazier
Bill Aleshire on needed school bonds
Beth Brown on city's recycling waste
Discussion of proposed zoning ordinance Residential. Commercial and Investment Real Estate Karen McGraw on downtown revitalization Plan. A motion to support We decided to lobby in favor of the unamended Downtown Revitalization

.topic madd (1983mar)

"Mothers Against Drunk Drivers" was postponed. FUNDRAISER PARTY FOR SALLY SHIPMAN Wendy Wipperman and Elizabeth McLane invite all Zilker/Barton Hills neighbors to a fundraising party for City Council candidate Sally Shipman at their home on Saturday, March 19, from 7-9 p.m. Come party with Sally and friends at 1607 Norris Drive. Munchies and cash bar provided. For directions or more information, call Wendy or Elizabeth at 443-4866. Index(madd )

.topic advertise (1983mar)

PRIDE OF OWNERSHIP When I listed this Barton Heights home, people said that someone would have to be crazy to buy it. The property had been a neglected rental unit for many years and had been rated as substandard by the City of Austin. The list of repairs required by the City was a long one and it included everything from structural to plumbing to electrical work. The yard looked like a jungle and the outbuildings were in terrible shape. It has been only a year since this home was purchased by the present owner but already you can see how much difference a little cash and a lot of work and imagination can accomplish. The yard is coming along fine and a very nice garden area has been added. Fresh paint and many extra touches have made this rambling older house into a very attractive and comfortable home. If you or anyone you know are interested in buying an older home in our area, please call Henry Benedict & Associates first. We know Barton Heightl and the Zilker area better than anyone and we are ready to help you buy or sell at any time. We want to be your real estate firm. Henry Benedict & Associates

.topic znews (1984jun)

SAVE AUSTINS NEIGHBORHOODS AND ENVIRONMENT THE PEOPLES PAC Two new groups: Save Austin's Neighborhoods and Environment (SANE) and the People's Pac have joined to form on huge united political action committee dedicated to picking issues and electing candidatas who have rlrs~d) contributed to neighborhood and environment preservation for the City Council election this Spring. Membership from both groups were composed of neighborhood people, environmentalists, energy specialists, and people workly on affordable housing and job issues. The fund raising techniques of Uw grows differed: Ule Peole's Pa concentrated on canvassing and telephone banking, while SANE held hems parties, garage sales, and concert! (featuring Kerry Pryer & the lee Poy Parness Band, Emie Sky L Christine Albert, Bill Olivrr, Oary P. Nunn, Steve Fromholt, and the Supernatural Family Band all of whom donated their talents t~o this cawe). When the grow combined forces. they also combined their methods of rund raising. The SANE-People's Pac officers are: Co-presrdents - (ilenn Scott, member of the City's Major Employer Task force, founding member ofAwtk fair Budget Coalition and Austin Coalition for Fair Housing; end Jwnes Pinedo; founder of SANE and United Soutl Austin, past president of USA and Bouldln Creek Neighborhood Association. Covice-presidents - DarylJanes, Chair of the Energy Menegement Commission, member of Zilltcw Neighborhood Association; and Heather Ball, member of Affordable Housing Task Force. Secret~y - Jackie Goodman, member of the Parks h Recreation Board, and member of Ule Cower tan Neighborhood Association. Treasurer - Glenna Belch, Chair of United South Austin, member of Zilker Neighborhood Association. ~men a developer has been relatively smell, Zilker Nei~hborhood Association has had the rttsntion of ail pewie on Uw City Council. For this we are grateful. However, when the devaloper is wealthy end influential, the Council is not a receptive to neighborhood concerns. The tNA example of this is Ule toning change allowed for the building of ( skyscraper on Barton Spgs. Rd. where tle Jalapejio Chsrlief Restaurant wed to be. We lost in a 5 - 2 vote will Silly Shipman and Roger Duncan on our sider Developers who contribute a lot of cempaign money have been gaining r lot of voter. We need your help to be more effective. Membership dues in SANE-People's Pac is ~20.00. Dueww contributions may be mailed to SANE9eople's Pac. P.O, Box BDiBB, Austin, Texas, 787~3. For additiona mnformalon call Glenna at 442 0554, or leave a message on J#nes Plnedof answering service at 835-693~. UNITED SOUTH WSTIN After a prssentation on Single Member Districts (Tarry Davis against; Oary Wltt for), United South AusMn voted ii favor of the concept of Single Member Districts rather thanthe "at-large' system we now have. tJSA formed I committee to study the boundaries for single member districts. Please notify Glenna Belch, 442-0554 or Richer Gravois, 441-3430, if you want to be on this committee. Ckr Saturday, January 19th, Austin voters will go to the polls to decided on three important issue for our rgid growing city: Whether or no to move the Robert Mueller Airport: whether or not to preserve the open space a parkland around Municipal Auditorium; whether or not to rprove Single-Member City Council Districts. Zllk Preclnct(332) votes heavily. For the November 6th Presidential Elections, we had an 80X voter turnout. Plea keep informed on the issues. DAIIWRC VACCree): Homesetting for my 10 month old daughter. Please call Emilie Latcher, home

.topic zoning (1984jun)
RECENT ZONING CASES .zoning_toomey Sterzing Road on Toomey (behind Chuy's on Barton Springs Rd.) The building proposed is to serve as Law offices and was very handsome in the drawing presented by the applicant. The applicant wanted zoning for 2nd H & A which would allow a 6 story building. ZNA objected to up-zoning because of the effect an other lots which could aIlow very intense devslopment right next to Barton Creek. The case passed through Plaming Commission and was OK.'d by City Council withe the added provision that the Zoning would revert back to the original 1st H & A if this specific plan were not implementsd. Index(0; work-473-9~31..topic zoning)

.topic goodrich_zoning (1984jun)
Goodrich Place (on Goodrich between Frazier and Bluebonnet) Applicant wanted A-2 Zoning for condos; propoul wa postponed by council; for 12 units. The propsosal passedPlaming Commission but was postponed by Council, who strongly suggested that the applicvant include a site plan containing no more than 10 units, The application has resubmitted with a site plan of 10 units: 2 BR, 2 Bath, 1000-1100 so. ft., 2 car garage. Anyone wanting to see the plan can call Richard at 397-4616 or 441-3430. Index(goodrich)

.topic barton springs road (1984jun)

Brton Springs Road as a Scenic Arterial Recently Ms. Susan Toomey Frost proposed that Barton Springs Road be designated as "Scenic Arterial' in the Urban Transportation Master Roadway Plan. This would affect the types of signs that could be put on it and a few other restrictions that would prevent it from becoming another Burnet Road. This proposal is comnendable, and anyone having opinions on it is invited to make them known to the City. Index(barton)

.topic lostcanyon (1984jun)

Lost Canyon Condos (behind the Sigmor Shamrock on Barton Spgs. Rd.) The problem here was the location of the driveway: Should it be on Barton Spgs. Rd. where it has always been, or should it be moved up Kinney Avenue (100 feet up the hill)? The decision is still in limbo. In May, the City Council moved that access should remain on Barton Springs Rd. In October the developer againasked the Council for access to Kinney Ave - citing a traffic study. No one on the Courcil would make a motion me way or the other. As it stands now, if Lost Canyon is to be developed, it will use Barton Springs Road for acess. Index(lost)

.topic townlake (1984jun)

At the beginning of 1984 strong pressure from the Chamber of Commerce began to mount to build a large convention center next to Municipal Auditorium. The proposad development would be built to thesevere detrement of South Austin neighborhoods, including Zlker. There are at least three issues surrounding the proposed comention canter, First there is the increase in traffic noise, and commercial encroachment would mak a the center a nuisance at best and a disaster at worst.
Secondly, the center would take over 56 acres that we currently need as park land, greenbelt, and open space. This land could be expanded as a dedicated park for Central Austin. Some of the land now used for parking for Municipal Auditorium could be reclaimed for a park if the City decided to locate parking undergrowrd. Third and finally, the proposed convention facility would be located away from downtown hotels and tourist attractiom which might economically benefit from such a facility.
A group of interested people, many from South Austin neighborhood groups, began meeting to resolve the situation. This group, the Town Lake Alliance, eventually began a legally binding charter amandmant petition to restrict building around Municipal Auditorium. The group needed to collect the sigmtures of 5X of the City's registered voters. Most work was done with volunteers from neighborhood groups. The Alliance succeeded in gathering over 19.000 signatures, far surpassing the number needed to put the issue to a public vote.
This was a great accomplishment, but much work remains to be done. The election , which will be held Saturday, January 19th, will require money, volunteer help, and votes. Contributions can be sent to Town Lake Alliance, P.O. Box 49241, Austin, Tx. 78765. People who wish to volunteer for campaign work can call 835-8934. Most of all, remember to vote on January 19th. Let's win one for neighborhoods.BROKEN SPOKE STEAKS ~ CHICKEN FRIED STEAKS ~ LUNCHES MEXICAN FOOD ~ BAR-B-QUE COOKED ON OUR OWN PIT Kitchen Open 10:30 a.m. 'til 10:30 p.m. closed Sunday Now SERVING mixed Beverages LIVE COUNTRY MUSIC AND DANCING 9 p.m. 'til 2 a.m. FRIDAY AND SATURDAY Available for private Parties Seating up to 400 Plan your next party at the Broken Spoke" Broken Spoke 3201 South Lamar Index(townlake)

.znews 1995_may (1995may)

.topic meeting (1995may)
Tuesday, June 6, 7:00 pm
Back to the old location
Kinney Avenue Baptist Church
1801 Kinney Ave.

.topic Jackie_Goodman_address (1995may)

1. 7-8 pm Jadde Goodman's office with the Citizen's Planning Committee will address ZNA regarding the Citizen's Planning Committee Report (CPC Report) prepared for the Austin City Council in January of this year. The CPC Report was developed by a 22-member citizen committee made up equally of neighborhood and business representatives. Their goal was to make recommendations on improving the process of land development in Austin.
Of particular importance to our neighborhood are recommendations #2 and #3 that call for revamping the neighborhood association system. These recommendations call for strategics to improve the development process by rethinking the role and structure of neighborhood associations, including city financial support, a neighborhood association office in City Hall, and neighborhood association training and assistance in the development of an integrative community plan.
The report is an appeal to seriously discuss city growth and development and other issues that affect inner city neighborhoods such as ours. "Without a new direction, the Austin of tomorrow will evolve into a decayed city center surrounded by far-flung bedroom suburbs interspersed with disjointed commercial areas. " (page 2 of CPC Report).
This could have a major impact on us, so please plan on attending this meeting to hear more about it. Copies of the report are available from Jackie Goodman's office at 499-2255 or from Donna Barton at 441-0658.
.topic cookies (1995may)

2. 8-8:45 pm Get to know your neighbors! Have dessert and coffee and informally discuss neighborhood issues in small groups. Children are welcome! ZNA Executive Meeting Announced The next meeting of the Zilker Neighborhood Executive board is Tuesday June 27 from 6:30 to 8:00 at the Zilker school library. Everyone is welcome to attend and address the board with their specific concerns.
.topic foodland_update (1995may)

Foodland Update - The much anticipated remodel and upgrade of the Foodland store has been delayed G months due to the red tape that goes with major architectural revamps, according to B.J. Armsuong, president and owner. He assures us that work should begin this summer.
A happier bit of Grocery Store News is that Sun Harvest is relocating their store from Ben White to the recently vacated Whole Foods in Brodie Oaks.
.topic lost_canyon (1995may)
Oh no, it's baaaack!
... Lost Canyon Development - Another (1995may)
development has been proposed for the site adjacent to the Diamond Shamrock at Kinney Avenue hill & Barton Springs Rd.-a three structure, 40,000 sq. ft. office and retail complex with access onto the Kinney Avenue hill. Kinney Avenue is a major neighborhood access road and this plan would greatly affect traffic flow and safety into and out of our neighborhood. Carol Ginn, 444-3303 is the person to call to find our what you can do to help convince the developer to rethink the access road. The clock is ticking on this one, so call soon!
In a related issue, we have asked the police departments S.W area supervisor Lt. Mike Ford (385-7722) to keep an eye on carsd illegally and/or dangerously parked on Kinney hill. We've also been assured that 911 is the number to call to report parking problems.

.topic stoller (1995may)
Return of the Stroller People -
In case you haven't noticed, Zilker neighborhood is bursting with new kids and families. We would like to start announcing new babies in the newsletter, so tell us about that tiny squealing thing that keeps you up at night. (No, we don't want to hear about your miniature potbeliied pig). And if you fit into this category and are looking for a strollin' buddy or would like to meet to form playgroups, call Jennifer Marine at 447-0415. She wants to help start a young families' network in the neighborhood.

.topic home_birth (1995may)
Home-birth Heaven ! -
David and Marcellina Kampa, and big brother Derek welcomed Maura Rose, who was born March 12 at their Treadwell Street home with the aid of All God's Babies midwife Barbara Christman. Madeleine Mae Marine was also born at home to Jennifer and David and sister Sophie on April 19. The Marine family lives on Kinney Ave. Baby Benjamin was born on May 10 to Kalie and David parson of Dexrer Street. Kathy Gregor and Andrew Poris of Josephine St. had a girl, Adeline Rose on January 31st.

.topic advertise (1995may)
Mary Lee Maintenance
Mary Lee Foundation
416-9621 & 416-9464
Let us take care of your lawn needs,
Free estimates & dedicated staff.
Proceeds go to the Mary Lee Foundation Rehabilitation Center

.ZNEWS 2001_Feb (2001FEB)

.topic Message from President (2001FEB)

A Message from the ZNA President By Jeff Jack
November Election Results
The elections last November were very interesting indeed! It was no surprise that the $150 million road bonds passed or even the $13.4 million for environmental land purchases. Both of these ballot items were in response to clear community priorities. But it was somewhat of a surprise that the light rail referendum went down in defeat. However, the forum the ZNA held at our general meeting on October 30 might have given a clue to the outcome. At the forum, the mood was very mixed with no clear winner one way or the other. The final votes in Zilker reflected this lack of a strong consensus. In precinct 332, the vote was 57% for light rail, while in precinct 462 it was 60% in favor. In elections like this, it usually takes the center city neighborhood precincts to turn out in the 65%-75% range to carry the vote over the strength of the surrounding areas. This did not happen in Zilker, and it seems to have been the pattern throughout the core city neighborhoods voting for light rail but not in sufficient numbers to overcome the "No" vote from the suburbs. The final tally showed that light rail went down by a little over 2,000 votes. With such a small margin of defeat, it is likely that Capital Metro will try again in a few years. Maybe next time, they will work with neighborhoods earlier in the process and develop a plan that all neighborhoods can fully support.
There is one result of the election that is still undecided. No, we didn't have any pregnant chads left to count, but a recount of sorts is still in process as to which neighborhood in the South Central Coalition had the best voter turnout. It appears that Zilker and Barton Hills are still in the running for the best -voting neighborhood. While all the votes have been cast and counted, the precinct lines and neighborhood boundaries are not the same, and some "adjusting" has to be done to the final vote count to reflect true neighborhood percentages. Stay tuned for the final results. Hopefully, we won't have to go to the Supreme Court for a tie-breaker!

.topic holiday giving (2001FEB)
Proud of Zilker
The holiday season for most people is a special time of joy and happiness, a time to be with family and friends, and a time to be grateful for all that we have. Unfortunately, not everyone in our community is blessed with the bounty our country can provide. Throughout our affluent society, there are those in real need of just the basics of life. For those less fortunate families with children, the inequities are especially painful during the holidays as stores and the media display every imaginable childhood delight. Realizing that even within our own neighborhood there are families that need help at holidays, the ZNA executive committee began a project to reach out to those families.
In December 1999, the ZNA executive committee hurriedly made the decision to help one family with their holiday needs. We contacted Principal Ramona Trevino at Zilker Elementary School who assisted us in finding a family to sponsor. This year, with a little more time on our hands, we were able to give advanced notice through Z-News and our October general meeting to solicit others in helping the executive committee with this holiday outreach program. Because we had so much interest in the project from our Zilker neighbors, we felt we could sponsor two families. Again, we asked Ms. Trevino and Debbie Sellers, school counselor, to assist us in finding the families that needed a helping hand this holiday season.
When we called on our volunteers for their donations, the response was overwhelming! Toys, clothes, household items, and food came pouring in. While these gifts made this a special Christmas for these families, the looks of wonder and delight in the eyes of the children when the presents were delivered at their doors was surely the best present that anyone could have ever received. Soon after the holidays, the ZNA received a thank you letter from one of the families we sponsored. We wanted to share it with you:
Dear Zilker Neighborhood Association,
My daughter and I thank you very sincerely for your time, your good hearts, and for the lovely gifts and groceries you shared with us this Christmas. This is surely the true meaning of the season, and you chased away the "Grinch" that tried to steal Christmas!
Peace to you all and a beloved new year!
Sincerely, A Zilker Resident
A very special heartfelt thank you goes out to our Zilker neighbors: Robin and Jane Cravey, Allen and Deborah Broussard, Kevin Bice and Sarah Foster, Ken and Laurie Marsh, Tricia and Chris Yost, John Schmidt, Bobby Rigney, Lorraine Atherton, Mary Ann, Steve, and Grant Sides, Carlene South, Laura Albrecht, Fontaine Maverick, Molly Shannon, Catherine Hawkins, Sue Thornton, Kaye Trybus and Barbara Cossie for caring so much.
Good job, Zilker!

.topic Bouldin Neighborhood Plan Bouldin Planning Area Boundary (2001FEB)

The Bouldin neighborhood, our neighbors to the east, was selected by the City to start its neighborhood planning last November. Bouldin is the fourth neighborhood selected for planning, and was chosen because it is adjacent to the proposed light rail corridor. Though the light rail referendum failed, the City is proceeding with its neighborhood planning process. One of the first steps in this process is to determine the boundaries for the planning effort.
The Austin Neighborhood Council urged the City to respect the traditional boundaries of our neighborhood associations. However, when City staff configured the Bouldin area, they chose to extend the Bouldin planning area into the Zilker neighborhood by making South Lamar Blvd. the west boundary for Bouldin instead of the Missouri-Pacific Railroad tracks that have historically been our shared boundary.
While this may have seemed fine to those not familiar with the area, it would have created many problems for both the Bouldin and Zilker planning teams Members of the ZNA executive committee met with the Bouldin Planning Team, and all parties agreed that the planning area boundary should conform to the neighborhood boundaries previously established. The City staff held a meeting on January 16th with area property owners, the ZNA executive committee, and the Chair of the Bouldin Planning Team to discuss the boundary changes. It was agreed upon then that the boundary between these planning areas would remain at the railroad tracks.
The ZNA executive committee appreciates the support of the property owners and the Bouldin Planning Team in ensuring the Zilker neighborhood boundaries are respected by the City's planning effort.

.topic survivors (2001FEB)

That "Survivor" show certainly has gotten a lot of press, hasn't it? Who could have imagined that watching people comb their hair with a palm frond and flossing their teeth with seaweed would be considered prime-time viewing? But right here in Zilker we seem to have our own list of survivors who wouldn't think of leaving "the island." These are the folks on the 2000 ZNA executive committee who decided to sign up to serve for another term. On October 30, the 2000 ZNA executive committee was not voted out of Zilker, but instead was re-elected through a unanimous vote of the attending membership to serve through 2001. Thank goodness the election didn't include the nominees doing anything silly, dangerous, or physical. (Although that is an idea for next year's election!) Most of the faces may look familiar, but one new person has joined the ranks this year. (There always has to be a young upstart to mix things up a bit in any group!) With the upcoming zoning changes, neighborhood planning, and traffic calming on the horizon, the ZNA executive committee will work hard to make sure our neighborhood survives .
But eat a rat?
Sleep on the ground?
Walk around without the benefit of clothes in the neighborhood?
Will our new ZNA executive committee do that? No way!
Let's meet them, and find out what they will do!
"El Presidente"

If you don't hear Jeff speaking at the Planning Commission or find him having breakfast at Polvo's on Sunday morning, then you will certainly see him presiding over our ZNA general meetings. This is Jeff's second term as the ZNA president. He has lived in Zilker since 1984, and is currently the aide for Council Member Beverly Griffith. His survival tip for 2001 is: "Stay in cash."

Vice President
"The Hawk"
This is Kaye's fourth consecutive term as vice president. If there were a prize for tenacity, Kaye would get it! "The Hawk " is a good name for her, as her motto is: "Forever vigilant." She understands that, like the hawk, we all need to stay alert to the changes around us. Like the hawk, too, she enjoys a good meal. Her best survival tips is: "Always get enough Tex-Mex!"
Vice President

Lorraine is another "zepeat" on the ZNA executive committee, and this is her third year as vice president. She has lived in the Zilker since 1980 and is a free-lance copy editor. When she is not sitting at her computer, you will find her sitting on her bike, riding around town. Her survival tip reflects her philosophy on life: "Walk whenever possible, and shop close to home."
Co-Secretary<>BR>"Mama Pig"

Just so everyone knows, the Sides chose their own nicknames. The pig refers to each of their births in the Chinese Year of the Pig. (We'd never dream of calling them such a thing!) But like a barnyard critter returning to the trough, Mary Ann is back for another term as Co-Secretary. Her survival tip is one we should all remember: "Keep on laughin'."
"Papa Pig"

Along with his wife, Steve is serving another term as Co-Secretary for the ZNA. Though he was born in Germany and has lived all over the world, Steve and his family have called the Zilker area home for the past three years. Speaking of homes, he's an innovative builder who moonlights as an abstract painter in his spare time. His survival tip? "Love is all you need."

Keeping the ZNA mindful of its money is just a small part of what Fontaine does. She also has her own bookkeeping business, enjoys making jewelry, and loves spending time with her grandson, Manny. Her survival tip for everyone is: "When there is any kind of discomfort, immerse yourself in Barton Springs Pool." (Probably how she got the name Otter.)
ANC Representative
"The Swamp Rabbit"

This is Bobby's first term on the ZNA executive committee. As the Austin Neighborhood Council representative, he will keep us updated on neighborhood issues. Bobby has lived in Zilker since 1988, and is a drafting technician at UT. Here is his thoughtful survival tip: "In order to become the surviving member of a flock of sheep, one must, above all, be a sheep." Huh?
Social Co-Chairperson
"Tree Climber"

Carlene enjoys the social whirl of Zilker so much, she is continuing on for a second term as the Social Chairperson. She has lived in the neighborhood for 13 years, and is a free-lance copy editor and basket weaver. Carlene is also the vice president of Tree Folks. She says her survival tip is "Watch out for the bushes". Hum...what do you think that means?
Social Co-Chairperson

Laura gave up her position as the ANC Representative to join Carlene as the social co-chairperson. She has lived in the Zilker neighborhood for 9 years and works for the Austin Police Department. Laura's personal survival tip is taken from columnist Deb Price: "Keep your desires simple and expectations realistic. There are perfectly wonderful moments to savor."
Z-News Editor
"The Drone"

Barbara never seems to learn her lesson. She just keeps signing on as the editor of Z-News! This is her third year as editor. Unfortunately, there is no money in it for her, but she has fun. She has lived in Zilker since 1979 and works at a non-profit counseling agency. (No money there, either!) Her best survival tip? "Never underestimate the value of an afternoon nap." GRANT SIDES
"Baby Pig"

At 5 years of age, Grant has been given the job as the mascot for the ZNA. An awesome responsibility to be sure. Fortunately, he doesn't have to do much but just make us laugh during our committee meetings with his high jinks. He enjoys going to kindergarten and riding his new bike. Grant has a survival tip we all could share: "Everybody should cooperate."

.topic CAMPO Roadway (2001FEB)

CAMPO 2025 Year Roadway Plan
The process that the Federal Highway Administration uses to allocate federal funding for highway and road construction requires that a local Metropolitan Planning Organization review and make recommendations on all proposed projects. In Central Texas, this authority is delegated to the Capital Area Metropolitan Planning Organization (CAMPO). CAMPO's board is comprised of 20 elected officials and one representative from the Texas Department of Transportation. This 21-member board has only four City of Austin officials, but has the power to dictate how federal funding is spent in and around the city, which has a drastic impact on Austin's neighborhoods.
For years, the Austin Neighborhood Council has been concerned that CAMPO's projections of future population and employment are based on a typical "sprawl" model, and if used as the basis for determining future road construction, would indeed result in fostering more sprawl. One consequence of such projections is the resulting demand to widen existing roads into downtown, such as South Lamar Blvd. South Lamar Blvd. is currently designated as a Major Arterial Divided roadway with four lanes of traffic, or MAD-4 for short. South Lamar Blvd. has two lanes of traffic flowing in both directions, and a center turn lane many refer to as a "chicken lane." The average width of the right of way (ROW) is about 106 feet with 12-foot wide travel lanes.
In CAMPO's 2025 Year Roadway Plan, it is proposed that South Lamar Blvd. be designated as a MAD-6.
This would add an extra travel lane in both directions and a divided median with left turn lanes.
This would increase the needed ROW to 130 feet.
While this plan to change South Lamar from a Boulevard to a Highway may relieve some rush hour congestion on South Lamar Blvd. for suburban commuters, it will have a drastic impact on our local businesses and residential areas forever.
If this plan were implemented, it would require the removal of approximately 35 buildings along South Lamar Blvd. in the Zilker area alone. Our neighborhood would surely lose most of these businesses outright. In addition, approximately 97 businesses would lose most of their front parking, making their survival difficult. If these remaining businesses were to outlast the construction, they would need to find replacement parking that was lost to the road widening. Patrons, upon not finding adequate parking, might be tempted to take their business elsewhere or park further into the neighborhood or in residential lots converted to parking. This would promote additional "commercial creep" and is simply a bad idea for the Zilker neighborhood. The ZNA executive committee has met with City and State officials to alert them to our concerns about this MAD-6 designation. The committee has been advised that the funding for such a widening project is not a high priority, and if the project happens at all, it could be many years away. While it is a comfort to know the bulldozers will not be starting to roll next week, the ZNA executive committee believes it would be best that the designation for South Lamar remain a MAD-4 to preclude any further attempts to widen it.
The CAMPO 2025 Year Roadway Plan will be amended this summer based on input from all the jurisdictional authorities in the area, such as the City of Austin.
The City Planning Commission has been charged by the Austin City Council to review the plan and make recommendations. The Planning Commission has had several public hearings on the matter. Jeff Jack and Lorraine Atherton, members of the ZNA executive committee, and Richard Gravois, former ZNA president, have diligently attended these meeting to present concerns about the widening of South Lamar Blvd. As a result of these efforts and the work of Planning Commissioner Robin Cravey, the Planning Commission voted to recommend to the City Council that South Lamar remain a MAD-4.
This is only the first step, albeit a great one. The next steps will be to get the City Council to agree and to formally ask CAMPO to change the designation back to a MAD-4.
The City Council is scheduled to have a public hearing on the CAMPO plan in March or April.

If you are concerned about the impact of widening South Lamar Blvd. would have on our neighborhood, e-mail or write our City Council members today. It is important that they hear from residents and business owners in the Zilker neighborhood. Also, attend the City Council meeting to voice your concern when this issue is presented. The City Council meetings are held at LCRA headquarters building at 3701 Lake Austin Blvd. each Thursday at 6:00 p.m.

.zxnews 1994_Nov (1994nov)

.topic meeting (1994nov)
Neighborhood Meeting
Monday, November 22, 7 p.m. 1801 Kinney Avenue
(meeting hall in back)
1. Report on Barton Springs Boulevard Construction Meeting with Public Works.

2. Nominations for Some New Officers. Nominations will be taken for the offices of president, secretary, and Austin Neighborhood Council Represe ntative.

3. Presentation on Proposed Development for Lamar Plaza Shopping Center. Jeff Jack, architect for the owner of Lamar Plaza Shopping Center will give a presentation.

.znews 1990_apr (1990apr)

.topic meeting (1990apr)
Neighborhood Meeting
Monday, April 1st, 7 - 8:30 pm
Kinney Avenue Baptist Church

.topic electrict_department (1990apr)
I. The Electric Department is inviting public input into a plan to run a transmission line between the Seaholm Substation (North side of Town Lake), and the Salem Walk Substation (near Crockett High School). The purpose of the proposed line is to improve the city power grid and guard against blackouts and/or brownouts. The proposed routes of the line are variations on South Lamar, South 5th, and the railroad right of way.

.topic housing_conservation (1990apr)
2. We've received an information packet from the Neighborhood Housing and Conservation Department on Community Development Block Grants (CBDG's). These are federal funds administered by the city for the purpose of meeting neighborhood needs (i,e, repair of homes of fixed income neighbors, development of a neighborhood conservation plan, etc.) We'll discuss this program briefly.

.topic candidate_forum (1990apr)
3, City Council Candidates Social All of the City Council candidates have been invited to attend a social at the ZNA from 7:30 til 8:30 -something less formal than the ususal candidates-behind-the-podium format. The candidates will wear nametags identifying themselves and the council place they are seeking. Neighbors are also asked to wear nametags (available at the door) identifying their particular areas of concern. Chips and soft drinks will be served. This social should make for an informal and practical setting where both voters and candidates can make their points. If you have any additions or comments to make about this agenda, call your association president, Bob Ogorzaly, 443-5539.

.topic cinco_de_mayo (1990apr)
Good food and community spirit at Last year's community dinner was such a success, the Zilker P. T. A. has decided to do it again, only better. This year's dinner will take Cinco de Mayo as its theme and there will be two seatings for dinner at 5 and 7 pm, with a delicious Mexican meal on the menu.
Plus, this year's entertainment! Under parent Carmen Garza's direction, students will present a number of colorful Mexican folkdances. In addition, second-grade teacher, Olga Milk's student will put on a bilingual story enactment, and a few special surprise guests will be making an appearance.
All members of the community are invited and a special welcome is extended to Fall 1990 kindergartners and their families. Tickets will go on sale soon-ask your favorite elementary student for details or call Steve Kraal, P. T. A. president, at 442- 2x40.

.topic zilker_running_track (1990apr)
Running Track Installed at Zilker Playground
After a great deal of effort by Zilker principal, Gilbert Cantu and parent lane Cravey, our neighborhood playground now has an excellent running track. All members of the neighborhood are welcome to make use Of this new facility. Many thanks to these two for their hard work in coordinating this project.

.topic cleansweep (1990apr)
Operation Clean Sweep
Saturday, April 28
9 - 12 noon
This city-sponsored event is organizing both mass trash collection and a day with designated sites for chemical waste disposal. There are many areas where group collection teams will meet, the one nearest our neighborhood is the Town Lake team, which is gathering at the N. W., shore of Town Lake at IH 35. Chemical or hazardous waste collection for South Austin residents will be at Burger Activity Center, 3200 Jones Road. If you have further questions or want to volunteer, call 499-2111.

.topic in_memoriam (1990apr)
In Memoriam Those of you who remember the early days of the Zilker Neighborhood Association, will know the debt our organization owes Beth Brown Boettner, who died recently of leukemia. She served on the executive board and was the charter editor of the newsletter for many years. Her service to our neighbor- hood and the community at large as a galvanizing force in the creation of the city's recycling program were but a small part of her gifts to us.

.topic zna_join (1990apr)
Join the ZNA!
You talked me into it! Here's my $3.00 membership fee and keep up the good work!
Mail to: Paulette Gravois, Treasurer,

.znews 1992_Nov (1992nov)

.topic agenda (1992nov)
ZNA Neighborhood Meeting Monday, November 16,1992 7 p.m.
Kinney Avenue Baptist Church 1801 Kinney Avenue (meeting hall in back)
1. Minutes from Last Meeting.
2. Meet the Zilker Elementary School Principal. Mrs. Bera, the new principal of Zilker Elementary School, will be introduced.
3. Proposal for New Apartments at Lamar Plaza Shopping Center. The owners of Lamar Plaza Shopping Center will present their proposal for building three eight-plexes west of the Foodland.
4. Update on the Majestic Diner Park.
5. Proposal to Raise ZNA Membership Dues to $5 per Household.
6. Items from the Floor.

.topic Capital_Metro (1992nov)
Capital Metro Notice
Capital Metro is conducting a series of community meetings this month to discuss future transportation options for the Greater Austin Area. The schedule is:
6 p.m. Tuesday, November 17
Winn Elementary School
3500 Susquehana Lane
6 PM Wednesday Nov 18
Anderson High School
8403 Mesa Drive
6 p.m. Thursday, November 19
Fulmore Junior High School Cafeteria
201 East Mary Street

.topic zna_dues (1992nov)
Pay your annual ZNA dues of three dollars per household to Paulette Gravois 1402
.znews 1989_Nov (1989nov)

.topic meeting (1989nov)
Neighborhood Meeting Monday, November 20, 7 p.m. 1812 Kinney Avenue Baptist Church Agenda
1. Discussion on crime prevention in the Zilker neighborhood
2. A report on proposed policy changes for 1990 Aquafest which affect the neighborhood.

.topic message_president (1989nov)

A WORD from the President

I was surprised by the depth of the reaction to the warning about the rapist in the last Z News. I've requested the Police Department to give our community a presentation on rape prevention and reporting and they will do so at Kinney Avenue Baptist Church, Monday, November 27 at 7:00 p·m· (Our regulary meeting takes place November 20).Lieutenant Sasek of the Community Relations Dept. served several years in the Sex Crimes Division and I'm confident that he will be able to field any questions.

My own feeling on the matter is that one rape in our neighborhood is too many, but our best defense against the violent criminal is close contact with our neighbors. We're fortunate to have many retired persons and people who work out of their homes in our neighborhood, which makes it an undesirable target from the criminal viewpoint.
So next time you see that familiar neighbor whose name you just can't place, go on up and introduce yourself. He or she may save your life someday.

Bob Ogorzaly
President, Zilker Neighborhood Association

.topic pecan_grove (1989nov)


The Pecan Grove development at 518 Barton Springs Road, (where Michael's Antiques is located) has been radically downscaled by the developer. The original site plan included one eight- story and two six-story office buildings, which have been eliminated in the new site plan, a reduction of 226,450 square feet. A planned health spa was also scrapped, eliminating another 30,000 square feet. The back (north) 2 1/2 acres at the site will remain a trailer park, accessible from Toomey Road only.

.topic thanks (1989nov)

Thanks to the ZNEWS Network!

Every once in a while we like to thank the network of neighbors who gets the Z-News to your front doorstep. For a zillion years now, Paulette Gravois has been Chief Distribution Officer, recruiting delivery persons, maintaining this roster of helpers, phoning them at delivery time, and then bundling up their batch of newsletters and getting it to their houses. This is very time-consuming, yet she works tirelessly, all the while maintaining a happy home, raising 3 splendid children, and fulfilling her professional responsibilities as a nurse. Whew! Next time you see Paulette tooling down Kinney Ave. in her silver Toyota van, give her the thumbs up, OK?
Finally, there are the people who deliver the ZNEWS, clever neighbors who have discovered a time-saving fact: physical fitness and community service can conveniently go hand-in-hand. If you'd like to join the ranks of these champions, call Paulette at 441-3430 and sign up for a block or two.
Thanks to: the Parks, Johnnie De Moss, Bill Bunch, Fontaine, Harriett Gonzales, Ken Laing, Jan Castleberry, Abe Oeltjen, Jeff Jack, the Falbos, Mary Barnett, Sissy Shugrue, Georgina Hudspeth, Karen Pope, Larry Akers, Carol Stahl, Barb Haverstick, the Vajgerts, the Kaplans, Cheryl Jennings-Sauer, George Kegley, Nancy Lynch, the Lohrmanns, Mary Jude Peterson, Wyatt Russell, Susan Welborn, Betsy Cooley, the Bowns, Pat Johnson, Jessica Spann, the Ogorzaly's, Carla Kieke, Kay Trybus, Diana Claitor and David Elliott.

.topic noise (1989nov)

Public Hearing Set For Tuesday, Novem by Larry Akers
Over six months of negotiations still have not produced livable limits on amplified sound in the draft Special Events Policy for Austin's parks, but now is the time for the policymakers to hear directly from those most immediately affected by the late night drumbeat.
Two elements of the policy endanger the integrity of Town Lake neighborhoods:
1) The amplified sound curfew allows a number of events to continue until midnight on weeknights and specifically allows the Austin Aqua Festival to blast music until 12:48 a.m. on every night of its operation.
2) Quotas on the number of annual late night (after 10 p.m.) concerts allow for significantly more than we have now, both at Auditorium Shores and the Zilker soccer fields.
The positions requested by neighborhood negotiation have been strict limits of midnight on weekends and nights preceding holidays and 10 p.m. on all other nights, with quotas set to allow no more late night events than we currently endure. This itself is a compromise position from our original request for a strict 10 p.m. limit on all days.
Our last and best shot is right now! The Special Events Taskforce will conduct a public hearing this Tuesday, November 21, at 5:30 p.m. in the large meeting room at Town Lake Center (the Sumiken Building) at 721 Barton Springs Road.
The taskforce needs to hear our voices loud and clear. Some members are fence-straddling and have made remarks like saying that if the late night noise were in their (West Austin) neighborhood, they would go to court to stop it, yet they have voted for the late curfews. That is a double stand, folks, but it is also an indication their votes could be swayed.
The policy strategy will be discussed at the ZNA meeting Monday night.

.znews advertise (1989nov)
.znews 1989_Sep (1989sept)

.topic meeting (1989sept)
Neighborhood Meeting
Monday, September 18, 1989, 7:00 p.m.
Kinney Avenue Baptist Church
Fellowship Hall


1. Toxic chemicals are being shipped on the Union Pacific Railway which passes through town and down one side of the Zilker Neighborhood. A year and a half ago, a trainload of assorted toxic materials rode through our neighborhood and derailed in Round Rock. There is an Inter-agency Committee on Hazardous Materials Transportation, composed of federal, state, county, and city officials, as well as members of industry and the general public. ZNA may wish to address this committee.
2. An update on Special Events Policy/Aqua Fest by Larry Akers.

.topic rapist (1989sept)
A rapist has been victimizing our neighborhood. Last week, a Zilker neighbor went out to water her lawn at dusk, and when she went back into her house an assailant was waiting. The police don't a have a good description of the attacker. Be on guard: keep your screens latched, doors locked and eyes open for suspicious characters.

.topic recycle (1989sept)
The city recycling people have asked us to inform all citizens who are currently recycling to observe some basic guidelines. When putting out your newspapers, do not include shiny or colored supplements (includes Sunday comix, Target, Mervyn's flyers, etc.). These kinds of papers apparently do not bleach well and are unreclaimable for reusage. If they get into the recycling batch, the city can't sell the papers. If you have been separating your glass by colors, you need not bother to do so any longer. Wine jugs, mayo jars and root beer bottles
.ZNEWS 1984_Feb (1984feb)

.topic Lost_Canyon (1984feb)
February 14...Planning Commission granted a special permit for- a 50-unit CONDO at KINNEY BARTON SPRINGS ROAD.
The previous Special Permit had expired. It was for 66 units and would EXIT onto BARTON SPRINS ROAD. This one is 50 units but will EXIT onto KINNEY 100 feet up the bill from BARTON SPRINGS ROAD (about at the telephone pole with the arrows on it).
ZNA has appealed the permit because we want the access to be on BARTON SPRINGS ROAD.
The hearing is Thursday March 15th at 5:30 P.M. at City Council Chambers. We hope to convince the City that it should grant a VARIANCE to give access to BARTON SPRINGS ROAD.
Please contact the CITY COUNCIL between now and THURSDAY telling them what you feel about the driveway location.
.znews 1989_Jun (1989jun)

.topic agenda (1989jun)

Monday, July 10, 1989
7 p.m. Kinney Ave. Baptist Church 1801 Kinney Ave. Neighborhood Meeting (Meeting Hall in back)
1. Sally Shipman will speak on the city budget.
2. Luke Thompson, Project Manager of the Umlauf Gardens, will report on the status of the sculpture garden on Barton Blvd.
3. A discussion of the convention center plans.
4. Miscellaneous reports. We are very happy to be meeting again in the church hall. Several years ago the Zilker Neighborhood met there before construction projects made it Impossible.
Thanks to Danny & Lu Young of Texicalli Grille and New Age Books for accommodating ZNA during the past few years.

.topic zilker_school (1989jun)

Zilker Elem's front porch gets a facelift as parents build a deck!
Parents and families got together in June and completed work on a project to build a deck at the front of the school. The area under the lovely liveoak tree was a natural gathering spot for kids waiting for after-school rides. But the bare earth was unsightly and a muddy problem during wet weather. Seating was also needed.
Last fall, major landscaping improvements were begun under Beautification Committee Chair Renee Knauth. Funds for deck materials were available, and Renee was able to get a great deal on lumber from Calcasieu (thanks to this Austin business!). That's when parents stepped in. P.T.A Vice- President Mary Barnett took on the task of organizing the deck construction and called upon David Hamill, an architect and Zilker parent, to draw the plans, and parent Keith Keike to lead the work crew. Among the carpenters were Gilbert Cantu, Principal of Zilker, Robin Matthews (husband of Kindergarten teacher Ann Matthews), Jerry Ekyholt (husband of teacher Lisa Lehman Ekyholt), and parents David Petrick, George Greene, Ken Boone, and Steve Parks. The whole Kieke Family are to be commended for their contribution to this project. The deck itself is great. There is a bench around the base of the tree and this improvement has greatly enhanced the welcoming aspect of the front of the school.

If you haven't already seen this sturdily built deck, stop by and admire this beautiful addition to our neighborhood school.

.topic babysitting (1989jun)

Babysitting Coop Open to New Families
The Zilker Babysitting Coop is a great way for parents to not only have virtually free sitters, but also to meet other nearby parents and find playmates for their children. Coop members report that the current group of children in the babysitting is growing older and new members are needed to keep the Coop busy Members let other parents sit their children and in turn, sit for other kids and earn "credits" for future sitting services. Involvement is crucial and it helps you to get to know your neighbors. For more information on the workings of the Coop, call the Summer Secretary, Margaret Wright at 447-3817

.topic znews (1989jun)
Z NEWS Libby Farris. Editor, For ad info, call 443-9582
The Z News is published by the Zilker Neighborhood Association.
Bob Ogorzaly, President 443-5539

.topic recycle (1989jun)
It's simple--recycle. We can't alter the recent environmental catastrophes, but we can lower our personal contribution to landfills and return some resources to the world. Our neighborhood recycling day is Tuesday. Put our your newspapers, tin and aluminum cans and glass out for the recycle truck.

.topic advertise (1989jun)
Jane's Upholstery Studio 2103-A La Casa, 78704 .447-7619 Mention this ad and get 10% off on custom labor and fabric!

.topic join (1989jun)
Become a ZNA member!
Help keep our neighborhood a wonderful place to live. For $3.00, you can become a member of the Zilker Neighborhood Association and know that your funds are going towards protecting our quality of life and to support umbrella neighborhood groups in their combined efforts.
Name Address Phone Mail to:
Paulette Gravois
1402 Kinney Ave.
Austin, Texas 78704

.topic znews_advertise (1989jun)

.znews 1990_feb (1990feb)

.topic meeting (1990feb)
Neighborhood Meeting
Monday, February 12, 7 pm
Kinney Avenue Baptist Church
Barton Springs Road
Capital Metro
Special Events
If you have any additions or comments to make about this agenda, call your association president, Bob Ogorzaly, 443-5539.

.topic barton_springs_Road (1990feb)

1. Susan Frost will talk about Barton Springs Blvd. projects:
a. Flea Market at trailer park behind EATS cafe.
b. Pizza Nizza on the west side of EATS cafe.
c. A proposal on traffic problems generated by the Christmas Festival of Lights.

.topic capital_metro (1990feb)
2. Capital Metro Planner, Kim Newby, will be present to hear neighborhood complaints about bus routes through Zilker Neighborhood, primarily in response to complaints by residents on Collier. Where might the route be shifted? Capital Metro wants your input.
.topic special_events (1990feb)
3- Special Events Policy Redux.
Report on the Special Events Policy
by Larry Akers
City Council will probably post a public hearing on the Special Events Policy (to govern concerts in the Parks) some time late this month. The security provisions in the policy, particularly one which will establish extra police patrols in the neighborhood, will help us with some of the past problems. It's important to let the Council know that we're watching them closely on this one. Drop them a line or give their aides a calf. They get their mail at Box 1088, Austin, Texas 78767. Phone numbers are listed in the blue pages.
The minority report, in which I'm participating, suggests the following changes to the current draft. Consider supporting these changes in your message to the Council.
The Aqua Festival amplified sound curfew should be 12 midnight on Fridays and Saturdays and 10:30 pm on all other nights. (current draft: 12:30 + ten minutes on all nights, including weekdays)
The number of late night (after 10 pm) at Auditorium Shores should be no greater than 14 per year (current draft: 17) and no more than 8 of these should be allowed to last past 11 pm (no second tier in current draft)
The amplified sound cut-off time at the Zilker soccer fields should be ~0:30 pm. (current draft: midnight)
When a venue is fenced and the public denied access to the area for recreational use on non-event days (setup, takedown and interim days ), the full daily rental fees of $1500 should be charged to the sponsor. (current: $250).

The total number of events allowed at Auditorium Shores should be reduced to 23, in part by distributing the new Wednesday night free concerts to other venues. (current draft 29, historical maxim 23)
We also need to let the Council know that the City's noise ordinance, which actually allows the kind of noise we've been enduring, is badly broken and needs to be fixed, so that concert noise can't permeate our homes.

.topic recycle (1990feb)
Let's see.., smoking is out, bacon is bad for you, ditto nicotine and coffee. Every time we pick up the paper one of life's small pleasures is denied us. Why not take up recycling ? Those of us who already have will avow that for a feeling of guiltless well-being nothing beats placing a week's worth of Statemans curbside.
Even a bucket full of empty Miller Lite cans takes on a sheen of nobility in the gray dawn of a Tuesday morn. Try it, you'll see.
On Tuesday set out:
1. Newspapers, bundled or in a grocery sack.
2. Aluminum and tin cans

.ZNEWS 1996_Mar (1996mar)

.topic police (1996mar)
They Carry a Badge -
We've invited the Austin Police Department to address the recent wave of break-ins, theft and car vandalism we’re experiencing in the neighborhood. They'll give us tips on making our homes and property safer, explain the best way to report incidents, and answer our questions. One of the best weapons we have as a group is keeping each other informed, and keeping our houses and cars locked and secure.

.topic Restaurant_Row (1996mar)

Restaurant Row -
Barton Springs Road is hopping these days with all the popular restaurants, coffee shops and stores, and pedestrians. Poco Loco, a bar and nightclub owned by the folks who run Serranos, is reported to open in mid-March in the old Cafe Brazil spot. With that we can expect increased traffic in the neighborhood, and potentially a sound assault if live music is cranked up. What can we do to assure that neighboring nightspots respect both our peace of mind and our streets? Serrano’s number is 328-9200.

.topic Thanks (1996mar)
Special Thanks

- The Zilker Neighborhood Association wishes to extend a special Thank You to Gordon Bergstrom, Pastor of the Kinney Avenue Baptist Church for being so pleasant and neighborly to our group. He and his staff always welcome us to their facilities with open arms.

.topic Zilker_Library (1996mar)
Zilker School Library

- Jackie Kraal the Zilker school Librarian, is asking for our help in gathering used books. She is organizing a used book sale during National Library Week, April 14-21. Please bring your donations of hardbound and paperback books to the neighborhood meeting, or bring to the school library. She will accept adult and children’s books. Time to do a little spring cleaning and start clearing out those dusty bookshelves!

.topic Labor and Delivery (1996mar)

- ZNA NEEDS YOU! If you are interested in becoming more involved in Zilker neighborhood goings-on, please consider becoming a ZNA
.topic advertise (1996mar)


.topic advertise (1996mar)
Pastor John and Alison Larkham invite you to
Austin's new and exciting Christian church, teaching and preaching the uncompromising Word of God with clarity
Sundays at 10:00 am South Austin Recreation Center 1100 Cumberland Road
For more info call 444-5550

.topic vote (1996mar)
Super Tuesday, Swell Wednesday, Good Friday

Hey folks, what with the yard signs springing up like weeds, it can only mean one thing:
elections are right around the corner.
Super Tuesday March 12 - Party Primaries. Caucus @ 7:15 pm.
Saturday April 13th - AISD Bond elections.
Saturday May 4th - Austin City Council elections.
We will have voter registration material at the meeting. AISD Bonds and City Council won't have the glamour of Super Tuesday, but they are just as important.
Precinct 332 votes at Zilker School
Precinct 462 votes at Parks and Rec (200 S. Lamar)
.topic advertise (1996mar)
Call for a CONFIDENTIAL discussion of your individual situation
Loan Officer and your Zilker Neighbor for 10 years
.ZNEWS 1993_Aug (1993aug)

.topic agenda (1993aug)
ZNA Neighborhood Meeting
Monday, August 9,
7 p.m.
Kinney Avenue Baptist Church
1801 Kinney Avenue (meeting hall in back)

AGENDA Minutes from Last Meeting.
Election of Officers. President, Vice Presidents, Secretary, Treasurer, Austin Neighborhoods Council Representative, and United South Austin Representative will be elected.
The current slate of nominees is:
President - Margaret Reed~Lade*;
Vice Presidents (4) - Glenna Balch*, Marcellina Kampa, Mitch Sanches, Larry Akers*;
Secretary - Laurie Maccini*;
Treasurer - Paulette Gravois*;
ANC Representative - Jim Rounds*;
United South Austin Representative - Jeff Jack*.
Currently serving officers are marked by *? More nominees will be taken at the meeting, but any nominees must be willing to serve in office.

.topic roadwork (1993aug)
There will be a presentation by the engineering firm that has been hired by the City of Austin to redesign Barton Springs Boulevard from South Lamar Boulevard to Robert E. Lee Road. There will be an update on the Robert E. Lee Road/Barton Springs Boulevard intersection by the City of Austin Public Works Transportation Engineering Department.

.topic Traffic (1993aug)
Traffic Issues.
There will be discussion of dangerous intersections, parking, and the effects of special events on the neighborhood.

.topic Parks (1993aug)
Parks and Recreation Issues.
There will be a discussion of parks and recreation issues focused on those issues that affect Zilker Park.

.topic dues (1993aug)
Paulette Gravois, ZNA treasurer, wants your money! Dues are $3 per household annually. Paulette is at 1402 Kinney Ave.
.znews 1994_apr (1994apr)

.topic candidate_Forum (1994apr)
Candidate Forum
Monday, April 18
Becker Elementary Cafekria
7:00 p.m.

Candidates for the City Council and Mayor will be on hand to discuss issues. This forum is a joint meeting of the Zilker, Bouldin Creek, and South River City (Travis Heights) neighborhood associations.
Becker Elementary is located at the corner of Milton and South 5th Streets.

.topic officers (1994apr)


Marceliina Kampa has been elected to serve as Vice-President of the Zilker Neighborhood Association, and James Rounds will also act as Vice-President with a special interest in zoning issues.
If you would care to serve your neighbor- hood, there are a number of areas need- ing attention. Contact Paulette Gravois at 441-3430 for more information.

.topic townlake (1994apr)
The Parks Board will hold a public heat- ing to discuss a major review of the Town Lake Comprehensive Plan (TLCP). The meeting is at Riverside Center, 901 W. Riverside at 6:30 (board meeting), 7:00 (public hearing). The board has declined to include a single member of neighboring communities in this crucial review process so it behooves us all to watchdog this action. Future Aquafest plans, noise control and traffic manage- ment are just a few of the issues addressed in the TLCP that dramatically
.znews 1994_feb (1994feb)

.topic officers (1994feb)
1. Nomination of officers: The Zilker Neighborhood Association is seeking persons interested in serving as President and Vice- President of our organization. We are pleased to announce that Dorothy Ruhl has agreed to serve as Secretary. We would also like to send a representative to the Austin Neighborhood Council. If you are interested in serving, please attend our next meeting and find out how you can get involved.

.topic lamar_PLaza (1994feb)
2. A representative of Nelson Pruett, owner of Lamar Plaza Shopping Center, will discuss revised landscaping plans for the center. The company is seeking the neighborhood's approval for their proposal to build storage rental units and/or office space imme- diately behind the Foodland.

.topic greenbelt (1994feb)
Barton Creek Greenbelt Seeks Volunteers
If you enjoy walking along the looking fbr citizens to conduct Barton Creek Greenbelt, you user-surveys of people who may be interested in helping hike, bike and otherwise use the City of Austin's Parks & the greenbelt. For more inbr- Recreation Department with a mation, talk to Dee Ordner at research project. P.A.R.D. is P.A.R.D. st 478-0905.

.topic thanks (1994feb)
THANK YOU, MARGARET! The ZNA would like to thank Margam Reed-Lade for her service as President of the ZNA fbr the past few years. She contributed many hours of hard work for which we are all grateful! And speaking of contributions, when was the last time you paid your annual S3 dues to support the ZNA! Send
.znews 1994_oct (1994oct)

.topic meeting (1994oct)
Monday, October 3, 7:00 pm
New location!>BR> Zilker School Cafeteria
1900 Bluebonnet Lane

.topic elections (1994oct)

Agenda 1. Election of Officers - Nominations for the office of president will be taken. The Nominating Committee (Paulette Gravois, Glenna Balch, and Kay Trybus) was formed to find and recommend someone to be the new president of the Zilker Neighborhood Association.

We are pleased to announce our recommendation of Libby Farris for this position. As you may remember, Libby was the ZNews editor for many years. We are thankfUl that such a capable person is willing to serve. Our first order of business will be this nomination and the vote.

ZNA has four Vice-President positions on the Board. Larry Akers, who has served us in various ways for years, has moved out of the neighborhood, leaving a Vice-President opening on the Board. Nominations from the floor will be accepted for Vice-President. Thanks, Larry for your many years of neighborhood commitment.

.topic foodland (1994oct)
2. Foodland Remodeling
- Mr. B.J. Armstrong, president of the Foodland stores, will present plans for major remodeling of the Lamar Plaza store. He is welcoming community input. Let's be ready with some positive suggestions!

.topic hike_bike (1994oct)
3. Hike and Bike Trail
- Butch Smith, Parks Planner with the Austin Parks and Recreation, will discuss the Comprehensive Urban Trails System, and how it could affect the Zilker Neighborhood.

.topic vote (1994oct)
Get ready for the November 8th election!
If you're new to the neighborhood, come out and register to vote here! We will have voter registration cards at the ZNA meeting. (Cards are also available at Foodland, HEB, the Courthouse, and the public library.) Voter registration closes October 9th. For more voter information, contact Richard Gravois, 441-3430.

.znews 1997_Jan (1997jan)

.topic thanks (1997jan)
Thanks Marcelina
I open this newsletter humbled by the task Marcelina Kampa has undertaken the past two years as editor of our neighborhood newsletter. Thank you Marcelina for all the time, work, and heart you have given us these past two years.
.topic help (1997jan)

The reason that I am humbled by this newsletter task is that it enters an area where I feel a total incompetence that grips my throat with fear at the thought of ever doing it again. Give me a stopped up commode or a famine, things I can more comfortably handle. Please, make no mistake I am begging, someone out there call me at 445-7033 to volunteer to be our neighborhood newsletter editor. THANKS

.topic meeting (1997jan)
Neighborhood Meeting

Guest speaker at our next meeting will be Richard Kroger of the Transportation Engineering Division, City of Austin.

Mr. Kroger has graciously consented to meet with us to discuss transportation issues effecting our neighborhood, in particular the widening of Barton Springs Road.
.topic Airplanes (1997jan)
Update Airplane Traffic

At our last meeting we met with a representative from the City’s Aviation Department. We found out that the increase in air traffic and associated noise is going to be the norm for us at least two more years. The closing down of Bergstrom by the Air Force provided the opportunity for the FFA to open an approach to Mueller over our neighborhood. This approach alleviates the heavy traffic over other parts of the City while construction is going on at the new City Airport at the Bergstrom location. According to the Aviation Department representative the air traffic over our neighborhood will cease upon the opening of the new City Airport.

.topic noise (1997jan)

Several neighbors met in arbitration with representatives of the beer joints and nightclubs that used to be restaurants on Barton Springs Road and reached agreements that hopefully will alleviate some of the abuses of noise and patron parking in our neighborhood. The two major offenders have agreed to make changes effective this summer and the neighbors have agreed to postpone their criminal complaint trials pending the outcome of their efforts.
.topic advertise (1997jan)

AUSTIN, TX 78704

Your Zilker Neighborhood Real Estate Professionals
Call for current market information

.topic Daryl_Slusher (1997jan)
Daryl Slusher

The officers of the Zilker Neighborhood Association have been invited to meet with Councilmember Slusher to discuss issues concerning our neighborhood and City. We are looking forward to our meeting and will be able discuss our neighborhood concerns and report back to you at our general meeting. We must applaud Councilmember Slusher’s initiative in meeting with us.

.topic congrats (1997jan)

Congratulations to Jeff Jack for being elected President of the Austin Neighborhood Council , a citywide organization c~ neighborhood associations concerned with issues that affect our entire City.
.topic zna_dues (1997jan)

We are a volunteer association of neighbors tiying to preserve and promote our neighborhood and its well-being. We need money to operate, primarily for printing this newsletter. Dues are entirely voluntary and truly appreciated so please mail them in to Paulette.
Dues are $5.00 per year
Your Name: __________________________________________
Address: ________________________________
Phone: _____________________
Send to Paulette Gravois, Treasurer, Zilker Neighborhood Association 1402 Kinney Ave. Austin, 78704
.topic board (1997jan)
Board Members
Charles Whitford, President 445-7033
Paulette Gravois, Treasurer 441-3430
John Cunningham, Secretary 443-6658
Kaye Trybus , Vice President 4474437
Sandra Bishop, Vice President 451-6602
Jeff Jack Vice President 447-5877

.znews 1997_Jun (1997jun)

.topic advertise (1997jun)

For all your printing needs, rush jobs welcome. Instant Printing Rubber Stamps Business Cards' Stationery forms
1050-F S. Lamar. Austin, TX 78104.
512-444-2590. FAX 512-444-6337
OPEN Monday - Friday, 8:30 to 5:30
Saturday, 9:00 to 12:00

.topic advertise (1997jun)

.topic ZNA_officers (1997jun)

Zilker Neighborhood Association
ZNA Officers:
Charles Whitford, President 445-7033
Paulette Gravois, Treasurer 441-3430
John Cunningham, Secretary 443-6658
Kay Trybus, Vice President 447-4437
Sandra Bishop, Vice President 451-6602
JeffJack, Vice President 447-5877
James Rounds, Vice President 445-5532
Kay Keesee, Z-News Editor 447-0881
Laura Latimer, Z-News Publisher 326-3291

.topic join (1997jun)

I want to be a member of the Zilker Neighborhood Association.. I

Please clip this form and send with your check payable to Zilker Neighborhood Association for $5.00 per household to:
Paulette Gravois
1402 Kinney Austin TX 78704
.topic president (1997jun)
Message from the President by Charles Whitford

It's been almost a year since I became President of the Zilker Neighborhood Association. The year has been dominated by three primary issues: the Lamar bridge, which we were able to help preserve (along with many others); the Barton Springs Road raceway, which has been put on hold and a much more people - and business -friendly option proposed; and finally, the noise problem from surrounding commercial businesses and restaurant.. bars - a continuing aggravation.
A number of other issues have been brought up over the year that took a back seat to the big three but which are no less important. For example, the disagreeable zoning request change that our La Casa Street neighbors have worked for months to stop.
Lack of attention to these other issues is due primarily to lack of time of the Association's officers who have other demands on their time.. .jobs, family, and peace of mind. To be an effective neighborhood association and to help preserve and defend the "Austin" we enjoy (might I say revere), we need volunteers to coordinate neighborhood business, to attend various city-wide meetings regarding roadways, traffic, environment, education, and many quality of life issues.
The recent City Council elections have given us the most pro-people and quality-of-life Council we have had in years and we need you to help us guide them in what is best for the future of our "Austin."
Please call Kaye Trybus, our new volunteer coordinator at 447-4437.

.topic meeting (1997jun)

Thursday,June 26th, 7pm Kinney Avenue Baptist Church Trash_pickup
Barton Springs Road
Barton Springs Road_2

.topic trash_pickup (1997jun)
MELISSA ARNDT City of Austin Solid Waste Services Ms. Arndt will fill us in on Trash Pick-up, Recycling, how and when to get rid of stuff that's too big for the trash cart and answer questions, of course.
.topic barton_springs_road_1 (1997jun)


Clare, a well-known champion for the preservation of Austin neighborhoods, will update us on the developments of the Barton Springs Road project. She will bring slides and drawings of revised plans. Don't miss her presentation on Barton Springs Road - what the city does to it affects everyone in the Zilker neighborhood.
VOLUNTEERS NEEDED Clare Berry asks for volunteers who are interested in working with the city to limit tree trimming around utility lines. She also would like to hear from folks who are interested in seeing what can be done about getting the City to bury utility lines along major streets. CALL CLARE, 416-2479, if you'd like to help.

.topic barton_springs_road_2 (1997jun)

Barton Springs Road

The raceway through our neighborhood and into Zilker Park was put off (aided by wise and insightful Councilmembers) and a new plan emerged. This involved neighbors, business owners, a number of interest groups, city staff, and truly far-sighted professionals brought in from afar. To view and discuss the new plan (turn-arounds, landscaping, landscaped medians, bicycle paths, sidewalks, and possible public art) come and join us at our next meeting.
.topic noise (1997jun)

Noise Ordinance

We are in the process of drafting a proposed noise ordinance to replace the current one that gives no protection to neighborhoods. You may remember from several newsletters ago that the last paragraph of the existing amplified noise ordinance exempts permanent businesses." Proposing a redraft of the noise ordinance was endorsed by the Austin Neighborhoods Council (ANC).

Councilmember Gus Garcia (our Lamar Bridge hero) told Kaye Trybus and Charles Whitford that he would call for a public hearing once the ANC endorsed a redraft. So, let's do it, Any suggestions?
Any volunteers?
.topic lacasa_zoning (1997jun)

La Casa Street Zoning Hearing

There will be a hearing on Tuesday, June 24th at 6:00 p.m., before the Planning Commission, 307 West 2nd, City Council Chambers, regarding the re-zoning application of La Casa Imports to change their zoning to COMMERCIAL. This is our chance to let the Commission know this application must be DENIED. This commercial enterprise being operated in a residential neighborhood is illegal, a very serious traffic hazard and a threat to the integrity of the neighborhood.
.ZNEWS 1985June (1985jun)

.topic agenda (1985jun)

MARCH MEETING CANDIDATES FORUM TUESDAY 7 PM ZILKEI School 1900 Bluebonnet The meeting this month will be a forum of all the City Council candidates for the April 6th at-large election. The forum Is being co-sponsored by the Zilker School PTA and the ZilCter Neighborhood Association. Index(meeting)

.topic lostcanyon (1985jun)

LOST CANYON UPDATE: The developers of this project withdrew their request for a special permit for this site at Kinney Ave. and Barton Springs Rd. What this means for the future of Lost Canyon is unknown. The next development attempt may want a Kinney Ave. driveway also. Index(lost)

.topic capital (1985jun)

CAPIIAL IMPROVEMENTS PROGRAM: The current CIP includes the following projects which will affect ZNA over the next three years:
1) ~30,000 for the Zilker School Park
2) re-building the Lamar Street Bridge
3) re-building the South Ist Street Bridge
4) re-building Lamar Blvd. from Town take to Ben White
5) re-building Btlrton Springs Rd. from Lamar to Barton Creek
6) re-building Robert E. Lee Rd. from Barton Hills Dr. to Barton Springs Rd.
7) re-building Oltorf Rd. from Lamar to IH 35. Index(capital)

.topic townLake (1985jun)

TOWN LAKE PARK ALLIANCE In the wake of the January elections, the town Lake Park Alliance is t.aking a broader approach to shaping the future! of the Town Lake corridor. TheAiliance has adopted the following set of goals. i) Dedicate the 54 acres of city-owned land south of Auditorium Shores for future development as parkland. 7) Dedicate all city parkland along Town take that is not presently dedicated r c?rl. Fiesta Gardens, Festival Beach, and Sand Beach Reserve.) 5) Encouragc private developers and landowners along Town Lake to provide a :Ilrffer of public green space adjacent to the riverfront. 4) Complete and improve the Town I_ake hike and bike system. 5) Restore Town lake and Its tributaries to clean, natural (swlmmable) pur ity by 1990. 6) Reduce the non-profit user fees for Auditorium Shores, Fiesta Gardens, and palmer Auditorium. The current fee for Auditorium Shores is $2500. 7) Reserve the city land at ,3rd St. and West Ave. as a possible site for a civic and conventinn center. 8) Dedicate a portion of the convention center profits for the acquisition and improvement of city parks and open space. 9) Designate W. i st St., l.afre Austin B Ivd., and Riverside Dr. to 111 35 as Seen ic Ar ter ials. lo help attain these goals, the Alliance will do fundraising and have a membership drive. Look for a big party at Zilker Clubhouse on March 271h, and for many other signs of the TLPA. The battle to save Town Lake for Austinites is far from over. Index(townLake)

.topic xeriscape (1985jun)

XERISCAPE is a new word in Austin's vocabulary, and it comes to us from the Energy Management Department's new water conservation program,developed in cooperation with many Austin area landscape professionals. XERISCAPf comes from the Creek word 'xeros' meaning dry, and means water and energy conservation through creative landscaping. A XERISCAPL demonstration garden will open at the Zilker Garden Center in May. For more information about how XERISCAPE can help you, call the City's Water Saver Hotline at 444-1300. Index(xeriscape)

.topic sector12 (1985jun)

SECTOR 12 PLANNING Vnder mandate from Proposition 15, the city Office of Land Development Services Office of Planning and Growth Management has divided the city into 15 sectors for the purpose of comprehensive planning. Zilker Neighborhood is part of Sector 12 (near South Austin) and is well-represented in the sector planning group. Sector 12 includes the area from Town Lake to Ben White, and Barton Creek to IH-35.
The city is upgrading its guidance of neighborhood plans and is attempting to integrate those plans into the sector plans, which together wilt comprise the city's master plan. These plans will have the power of ordinance which gives them much greater stature than previous master planning efforts. Anyone wanting to participate in the Sector 12 Plan is invited to Becker School, March ;ZOth for a meeting from 7 to 9 PM.
We are pleased with the city for making this a grass-roots process, one which we hope will give us a stronger voice in city policy regarding zoning end development, capital improvements, and neighborhood issues in general. With comprehensive planning we will not have to devote such energy to figbting outlandish development proposals, etc., and we can get on with the real business of neighborhood integrity.

.topic babysitting (1985jun)

The Zilker Babysitting Co-op now has 19 participating families. We have recently changed our accounting system. The Co-op now uses "chits" (ZilLer Play Money) rather than the old phone-in point system. If you have been planning on investigating Co-op membership, we invite you to join us. Membership is limited to 30 families. Kathy Thomas is the current secretary.
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