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1050-F S. Lamar. Austin, TX 78104.
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Zilker Neighborhood Association
ZNA Officers:
Charles Whitford, President 445-7033
Paulette Gravois, Treasurer 441-3430
John Cunningham, Secretary 443-6658
Kay Trybus, Vice President 447-4437
Sandra Bishop, Vice President 451-6602
JeffJack, Vice President 447-5877
James Rounds, Vice President 445-5532
Kay Keesee, Z-News Editor 447-0881
Laura Latimer, Z-News Publisher 326-3291

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I want to be a member of the Zilker Neighborhood Association.. I

Please clip this form and send with your check payable to Zilker Neighborhood Association for $5.00 per household to:
Paulette Gravois
1402 Kinney Austin TX 78704
.topic president (1997jun)
Message from the President by Charles Whitford

It's been almost a year since I became President of the Zilker Neighborhood Association. The year has been dominated by three primary issues: the Lamar bridge, which we were able to help preserve (along with many others); the Barton Springs Road raceway, which has been put on hold and a much more people - and business -friendly option proposed; and finally, the noise problem from surrounding commercial businesses and restaurant.. bars - a continuing aggravation.
A number of other issues have been brought up over the year that took a back seat to the big three but which are no less important. For example, the disagreeable zoning request change that our La Casa Street neighbors have worked for months to stop.
Lack of attention to these other issues is due primarily to lack of time of the Association's officers who have other demands on their time.. .jobs, family, and peace of mind. To be an effective neighborhood association and to help preserve and defend the "Austin" we enjoy (might I say revere), we need volunteers to coordinate neighborhood business, to attend various city-wide meetings regarding roadways, traffic, environment, education, and many quality of life issues.
The recent City Council elections have given us the most pro-people and quality-of-life Council we have had in years and we need you to help us guide them in what is best for the future of our "Austin."
Please call Kaye Trybus, our new volunteer coordinator at 447-4437.

.topic meeting (1997jun)

Thursday,June 26th, 7pm Kinney Avenue Baptist Church Trash_pickup
Barton Springs Road
Barton Springs Road_2

.topic trash_pickup (1997jun)
MELISSA ARNDT City of Austin Solid Waste Services Ms. Arndt will fill us in on Trash Pick-up, Recycling, how and when to get rid of stuff that's too big for the trash cart and answer questions, of course.
.topic barton_springs_road_1 (1997jun)


Clare, a well-known champion for the preservation of Austin neighborhoods, will update us on the developments of the Barton Springs Road project. She will bring slides and drawings of revised plans. Don't miss her presentation on Barton Springs Road - what the city does to it affects everyone in the Zilker neighborhood.
VOLUNTEERS NEEDED Clare Berry asks for volunteers who are interested in working with the city to limit tree trimming around utility lines. She also would like to hear from folks who are interested in seeing what can be done about getting the City to bury utility lines along major streets. CALL CLARE, 416-2479, if you'd like to help.

.topic barton_springs_road_2 (1997jun)

Barton Springs Road

The raceway through our neighborhood and into Zilker Park was put off (aided by wise and insightful Councilmembers) and a new plan emerged. This involved neighbors, business owners, a number of interest groups, city staff, and truly far-sighted professionals brought in from afar. To view and discuss the new plan (turn-arounds, landscaping, landscaped medians, bicycle paths, sidewalks, and possible public art) come and join us at our next meeting.
.topic noise (1997jun)

Noise Ordinance

We are in the process of drafting a proposed noise ordinance to replace the current one that gives no protection to neighborhoods. You may remember from several newsletters ago that the last paragraph of the existing amplified noise ordinance exempts permanent businesses." Proposing a redraft of the noise ordinance was endorsed by the Austin Neighborhoods Council (ANC).

Councilmember Gus Garcia (our Lamar Bridge hero) told Kaye Trybus and Charles Whitford that he would call for a public hearing once the ANC endorsed a redraft. So, let's do it, Any suggestions?
Any volunteers?
.topic lacasa_zoning (1997jun)

La Casa Street Zoning Hearing

There will be a hearing on Tuesday, June 24th at 6:00 p.m., before the Planning Commission, 307 West 2nd, City Council Chambers, regarding the re-zoning application of La Casa Imports to change their zoning to COMMERCIAL. This is our chance to let the Commission know this application must be DENIED. This commercial enterprise being operated in a residential neighborhood is illegal, a very serious traffic hazard and a threat to the integrity of the neighborhood.