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.znews 1997_Jan (1997jan)

.topic thanks (1997jan)
Thanks Marcelina
I open this newsletter humbled by the task Marcelina Kampa has undertaken the past two years as editor of our neighborhood newsletter. Thank you Marcelina for all the time, work, and heart you have given us these past two years.
.topic help (1997jan)

The reason that I am humbled by this newsletter task is that it enters an area where I feel a total incompetence that grips my throat with fear at the thought of ever doing it again. Give me a stopped up commode or a famine, things I can more comfortably handle. Please, make no mistake I am begging, someone out there call me at 445-7033 to volunteer to be our neighborhood newsletter editor. THANKS

.topic meeting (1997jan)
Neighborhood Meeting

Guest speaker at our next meeting will be Richard Kroger of the Transportation Engineering Division, City of Austin.

Mr. Kroger has graciously consented to meet with us to discuss transportation issues effecting our neighborhood, in particular the widening of Barton Springs Road.
.topic Airplanes (1997jan)
Update Airplane Traffic

At our last meeting we met with a representative from the City’s Aviation Department. We found out that the increase in air traffic and associated noise is going to be the norm for us at least two more years. The closing down of Bergstrom by the Air Force provided the opportunity for the FFA to open an approach to Mueller over our neighborhood. This approach alleviates the heavy traffic over other parts of the City while construction is going on at the new City Airport at the Bergstrom location. According to the Aviation Department representative the air traffic over our neighborhood will cease upon the opening of the new City Airport.

.topic noise (1997jan)

Several neighbors met in arbitration with representatives of the beer joints and nightclubs that used to be restaurants on Barton Springs Road and reached agreements that hopefully will alleviate some of the abuses of noise and patron parking in our neighborhood. The two major offenders have agreed to make changes effective this summer and the neighbors have agreed to postpone their criminal complaint trials pending the outcome of their efforts.
.topic advertise (1997jan)

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.topic Daryl_Slusher (1997jan)
Daryl Slusher

The officers of the Zilker Neighborhood Association have been invited to meet with Councilmember Slusher to discuss issues concerning our neighborhood and City. We are looking forward to our meeting and will be able discuss our neighborhood concerns and report back to you at our general meeting. We must applaud Councilmember Slusher’s initiative in meeting with us.

.topic congrats (1997jan)

Congratulations to Jeff Jack for being elected President of the Austin Neighborhood Council , a citywide organization c~ neighborhood associations concerned with issues that affect our entire City.
.topic zna_dues (1997jan)

We are a volunteer association of neighbors tiying to preserve and promote our neighborhood and its well-being. We need money to operate, primarily for printing this newsletter. Dues are entirely voluntary and truly appreciated so please mail them in to Paulette.
Dues are $5.00 per year
Your Name: __________________________________________
Address: ________________________________
Phone: _____________________
Send to Paulette Gravois, Treasurer, Zilker Neighborhood Association 1402 Kinney Ave. Austin, 78704
.topic board (1997jan)
Board Members
Charles Whitford, President 445-7033
Paulette Gravois, Treasurer 441-3430
John Cunningham, Secretary 443-6658
Kaye Trybus , Vice President 4474437
Sandra Bishop, Vice President 451-6602
Jeff Jack Vice President 447-5877
James Rounds, Vice President 445-5532