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.ZNEWS 1996_Mar (1996mar)

.topic police (1996mar)
They Carry a Badge -
We've invited the Austin Police Department to address the recent wave of break-ins, theft and car vandalism we’re experiencing in the neighborhood. They'll give us tips on making our homes and property safer, explain the best way to report incidents, and answer our questions. One of the best weapons we have as a group is keeping each other informed, and keeping our houses and cars locked and secure.

.topic Restaurant_Row (1996mar)

Restaurant Row -
Barton Springs Road is hopping these days with all the popular restaurants, coffee shops and stores, and pedestrians. Poco Loco, a bar and nightclub owned by the folks who run Serranos, is reported to open in mid-March in the old Cafe Brazil spot. With that we can expect increased traffic in the neighborhood, and potentially a sound assault if live music is cranked up. What can we do to assure that neighboring nightspots respect both our peace of mind and our streets? Serrano’s number is 328-9200.

.topic Thanks (1996mar)
Special Thanks

- The Zilker Neighborhood Association wishes to extend a special Thank You to Gordon Bergstrom, Pastor of the Kinney Avenue Baptist Church for being so pleasant and neighborly to our group. He and his staff always welcome us to their facilities with open arms.

.topic Zilker_Library (1996mar)
Zilker School Library

- Jackie Kraal the Zilker school Librarian, is asking for our help in gathering used books. She is organizing a used book sale during National Library Week, April 14-21. Please bring your donations of hardbound and paperback books to the neighborhood meeting, or bring to the school library. She will accept adult and children’s books. Time to do a little spring cleaning and start clearing out those dusty bookshelves!

.topic Labor and Delivery (1996mar)

- ZNA NEEDS YOU! If you are interested in becoming more involved in Zilker neighborhood goings-on, please consider becoming a ZNA
.topic advertise (1996mar)


.topic advertise (1996mar)
Pastor John and Alison Larkham invite you to
Austin's new and exciting Christian church, teaching and preaching the uncompromising Word of God with clarity
Sundays at 10:00 am South Austin Recreation Center 1100 Cumberland Road
For more info call 444-5550

.topic vote (1996mar)
Super Tuesday, Swell Wednesday, Good Friday

Hey folks, what with the yard signs springing up like weeds, it can only mean one thing:
elections are right around the corner.
Super Tuesday March 12 - Party Primaries. Caucus @ 7:15 pm.
Saturday April 13th - AISD Bond elections.
Saturday May 4th - Austin City Council elections.
We will have voter registration material at the meeting. AISD Bonds and City Council won't have the glamour of Super Tuesday, but they are just as important.
Precinct 332 votes at Zilker School
Precinct 462 votes at Parks and Rec (200 S. Lamar)
.topic advertise (1996mar)
Call for a CONFIDENTIAL discussion of your individual situation
Loan Officer and your Zilker Neighbor for 10 years