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.znews 1995_may (1995may)

.topic meeting (1995may)
Tuesday, June 6, 7:00 pm
Back to the old location
Kinney Avenue Baptist Church
1801 Kinney Ave.

.topic Jackie_Goodman_address (1995may)

1. 7-8 pm Jadde Goodman's office with the Citizen's Planning Committee will address ZNA regarding the Citizen's Planning Committee Report (CPC Report) prepared for the Austin City Council in January of this year. The CPC Report was developed by a 22-member citizen committee made up equally of neighborhood and business representatives. Their goal was to make recommendations on improving the process of land development in Austin.
Of particular importance to our neighborhood are recommendations #2 and #3 that call for revamping the neighborhood association system. These recommendations call for strategics to improve the development process by rethinking the role and structure of neighborhood associations, including city financial support, a neighborhood association office in City Hall, and neighborhood association training and assistance in the development of an integrative community plan.
The report is an appeal to seriously discuss city growth and development and other issues that affect inner city neighborhoods such as ours. "Without a new direction, the Austin of tomorrow will evolve into a decayed city center surrounded by far-flung bedroom suburbs interspersed with disjointed commercial areas. " (page 2 of CPC Report).
This could have a major impact on us, so please plan on attending this meeting to hear more about it. Copies of the report are available from Jackie Goodman's office at 499-2255 or from Donna Barton at 441-0658.
.topic cookies (1995may)

2. 8-8:45 pm Get to know your neighbors! Have dessert and coffee and informally discuss neighborhood issues in small groups. Children are welcome! ZNA Executive Meeting Announced The next meeting of the Zilker Neighborhood Executive board is Tuesday June 27 from 6:30 to 8:00 at the Zilker school library. Everyone is welcome to attend and address the board with their specific concerns.
.topic foodland_update (1995may)

Foodland Update - The much anticipated remodel and upgrade of the Foodland store has been delayed G months due to the red tape that goes with major architectural revamps, according to B.J. Armsuong, president and owner. He assures us that work should begin this summer.
A happier bit of Grocery Store News is that Sun Harvest is relocating their store from Ben White to the recently vacated Whole Foods in Brodie Oaks.
.topic lost_canyon (1995may)
Oh no, it's baaaack!
Lost Canyon Development - Another development has been proposed for the site adjacent to the Diamond Shamrock at Kinney Avenue hill & Barton Springs Rd.-a three structure, 40,000 sq. ft. office and retail complex with access onto the Kinney Avenue hill. Kinney Avenue is a major neighborhood access road and this plan would greatly affect traffic flow and safety into and out of our neighborhood. Carol Ginn, 444-3303 is the person to call to find our what you can do to help convince the developer to rethink the access road. The clock is ticking on this one, so call soon!
In a related issue, we have asked the police departments S.W area supervisor Lt. Mike Ford (385-7722) to keep an eye on carsd illegally and/or dangerously parked on Kinney hill. We've also been assured that 911 is the number to call to report parking problems.

.topic stoller (1995may)
Return of the Stroller People -
In case you haven't noticed, Zilker neighborhood is bursting with new kids and families. We would like to start announcing new babies in the newsletter, so tell us about that tiny squealing thing that keeps you up at night. (No, we don't want to hear about your miniature potbeliied pig). And if you fit into this category and are looking for a strollin' buddy or would like to meet to form playgroups, call Jennifer Marine at 447-0415. She wants to help start a young families' network in the neighborhood.

.topic home_birth (1995may)
Home-birth Heaven ! -
David and Marcellina Kampa, and big brother Derek welcomed Maura Rose, who was born March 12 at their Treadwell Street home with the aid of All God's Babies midwife Barbara Christman. Madeleine Mae Marine was also born at home to Jennifer and David and sister Sophie on April 19. The Marine family lives on Kinney Ave. Baby Benjamin was born on May 10 to Kalie and David parson of Dexrer Street. Kathy Gregor and Andrew Poris of Josephine St. had a girl, Adeline Rose on January 31st.

.topic advertise (1995may)
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