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.znews 1994_feb (1994feb)

.topic officers (1994feb)
1. Nomination of officers: The Zilker Neighborhood Association is seeking persons interested in serving as President and Vice- President of our organization. We are pleased to announce that Dorothy Ruhl has agreed to serve as Secretary. We would also like to send a representative to the Austin Neighborhood Council. If you are interested in serving, please attend our next meeting and find out how you can get involved.

.topic lamar_PLaza (1994feb)
2. A representative of Nelson Pruett, owner of Lamar Plaza Shopping Center, will discuss revised landscaping plans for the center. The company is seeking the neighborhood's approval for their proposal to build storage rental units and/or office space imme- diately behind the Foodland.

.topic greenbelt (1994feb)
Barton Creek Greenbelt Seeks Volunteers
If you enjoy walking along the looking fbr citizens to conduct Barton Creek Greenbelt, you user-surveys of people who may be interested in helping hike, bike and otherwise use the City of Austin's Parks & the greenbelt. For more inbr- Recreation Department with a mation, talk to Dee Ordner at research project. P.A.R.D. is P.A.R.D. st 478-0905.

.topic thanks (1994feb)
THANK YOU, MARGARET! The ZNA would like to thank Margam Reed-Lade for her service as President of the ZNA fbr the past few years. She contributed many hours of hard work for which we are all grateful! And speaking of contributions, when was the last time you paid your annual S3 dues to support the ZNA! Send your dues to Paulette Gravois, Treasurer, 1402 Kinney Ave.