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.znews 1990_feb (1990feb)

.topic meeting (1990feb)
Neighborhood Meeting
Monday, February 12, 7 pm
Kinney Avenue Baptist Church
Barton Springs Road
Capital Metro
Special Events
If you have any additions or comments to make about this agenda, call your association president, Bob Ogorzaly, 443-5539.

.topic barton_springs_Road (1990feb)

1. Susan Frost will talk about Barton Springs Blvd. projects:
a. Flea Market at trailer park behind EATS cafe.
b. Pizza Nizza on the west side of EATS cafe.
c. A proposal on traffic problems generated by the Christmas Festival of Lights.

.topic capital_metro (1990feb)
2. Capital Metro Planner, Kim Newby, will be present to hear neighborhood complaints about bus routes through Zilker Neighborhood, primarily in response to complaints by residents on Collier. Where might the route be shifted? Capital Metro wants your input.
.topic special_events (1990feb)
3- Special Events Policy Redux.
Report on the Special Events Policy
by Larry Akers
City Council will probably post a public hearing on the Special Events Policy (to govern concerts in the Parks) some time late this month. The security provisions in the policy, particularly one which will establish extra police patrols in the neighborhood, will help us with some of the past problems. It's important to let the Council know that we're watching them closely on this one. Drop them a line or give their aides a calf. They get their mail at Box 1088, Austin, Texas 78767. Phone numbers are listed in the blue pages.
The minority report, in which I'm participating, suggests the following changes to the current draft. Consider supporting these changes in your message to the Council.
The Aqua Festival amplified sound curfew should be 12 midnight on Fridays and Saturdays and 10:30 pm on all other nights. (current draft: 12:30 + ten minutes on all nights, including weekdays)
The number of late night (after 10 pm) at Auditorium Shores should be no greater than 14 per year (current draft: 17) and no more than 8 of these should be allowed to last past 11 pm (no second tier in current draft)
The amplified sound cut-off time at the Zilker soccer fields should be ~0:30 pm. (current draft: midnight)
When a venue is fenced and the public denied access to the area for recreational use on non-event days (setup, takedown and interim days ), the full daily rental fees of $1500 should be charged to the sponsor. (current: $250).

The total number of events allowed at Auditorium Shores should be reduced to 23, in part by distributing the new Wednesday night free concerts to other venues. (current draft 29, historical maxim 23)
We also need to let the Council know that the City's noise ordinance, which actually allows the kind of noise we've been enduring, is badly broken and needs to be fixed, so that concert noise can't permeate our homes.

.topic recycle (1990feb)
Let's see.., smoking is out, bacon is bad for you, ditto nicotine and coffee. Every time we pick up the paper one of life's small pleasures is denied us. Why not take up recycling ? Those of us who already have will avow that for a feeling of guiltless well-being nothing beats placing a week's worth of Statemans curbside.
Even a bucket full of empty Miller Lite cans takes on a sheen of nobility in the gray dawn of a Tuesday morn. Try it, you'll see.
On Tuesday set out:
1. Newspapers, bundled or in a grocery sack.
2. Aluminum and tin cans
3. Glass