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.znews 1990_apr (1990apr)

.topic meeting (1990apr)
Neighborhood Meeting
Monday, April 1st, 7 - 8:30 pm
Kinney Avenue Baptist Church

.topic electrict_department (1990apr)
I. The Electric Department is inviting public input into a plan to run a transmission line between the Seaholm Substation (North side of Town Lake), and the Salem Walk Substation (near Crockett High School). The purpose of the proposed line is to improve the city power grid and guard against blackouts and/or brownouts. The proposed routes of the line are variations on South Lamar, South 5th, and the railroad right of way.

.topic housing_conservation (1990apr)
2. We've received an information packet from the Neighborhood Housing and Conservation Department on Community Development Block Grants (CBDG's). These are federal funds administered by the city for the purpose of meeting neighborhood needs (i,e, repair of homes of fixed income neighbors, development of a neighborhood conservation plan, etc.) We'll discuss this program briefly.

.topic candidate_forum (1990apr)
3, City Council Candidates Social All of the City Council candidates have been invited to attend a social at the ZNA from 7:30 til 8:30 -something less formal than the ususal candidates-behind-the-podium format. The candidates will wear nametags identifying themselves and the council place they are seeking. Neighbors are also asked to wear nametags (available at the door) identifying their particular areas of concern. Chips and soft drinks will be served. This social should make for an informal and practical setting where both voters and candidates can make their points. If you have any additions or comments to make about this agenda, call your association president, Bob Ogorzaly, 443-5539.

.topic cinco_de_mayo (1990apr)
Good food and community spirit at Last year's community dinner was such a success, the Zilker P. T. A. has decided to do it again, only better. This year's dinner will take Cinco de Mayo as its theme and there will be two seatings for dinner at 5 and 7 pm, with a delicious Mexican meal on the menu.
Plus, this year's entertainment! Under parent Carmen Garza's direction, students will present a number of colorful Mexican folkdances. In addition, second-grade teacher, Olga Milk's student will put on a bilingual story enactment, and a few special surprise guests will be making an appearance.
All members of the community are invited and a special welcome is extended to Fall 1990 kindergartners and their families. Tickets will go on sale soon-ask your favorite elementary student for details or call Steve Kraal, P. T. A. president, at 442- 2x40.

.topic zilker_running_track (1990apr)
Running Track Installed at Zilker Playground
After a great deal of effort by Zilker principal, Gilbert Cantu and parent lane Cravey, our neighborhood playground now has an excellent running track. All members of the neighborhood are welcome to make use Of this new facility. Many thanks to these two for their hard work in coordinating this project.

.topic cleansweep (1990apr)
Operation Clean Sweep
Saturday, April 28
9 - 12 noon
This city-sponsored event is organizing both mass trash collection and a day with designated sites for chemical waste disposal. There are many areas where group collection teams will meet, the one nearest our neighborhood is the Town Lake team, which is gathering at the N. W., shore of Town Lake at IH 35. Chemical or hazardous waste collection for South Austin residents will be at Burger Activity Center, 3200 Jones Road. If you have further questions or want to volunteer, call 499-2111.

.topic in_memoriam (1990apr)
In Memoriam Those of you who remember the early days of the Zilker Neighborhood Association, will know the debt our organization owes Beth Brown Boettner, who died recently of leukemia. She served on the executive board and was the charter editor of the newsletter for many years. Her service to our neighbor- hood and the community at large as a galvanizing force in the creation of the city's recycling program were but a small part of her gifts to us.

.topic zna_join (1990apr)
Join the ZNA!
You talked me into it! Here's my $3.00 membership fee and keep up the good work!
Mail to: Paulette Gravois, Treasurer,
1402 Kinney Ave., Austin, TX 78704