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.znews 1989_Sep (1989sept)

.topic meeting (1989sept)
Neighborhood Meeting
Monday, September 18, 1989, 7:00 p.m.
Kinney Avenue Baptist Church
Fellowship Hall


1. Toxic chemicals are being shipped on the Union Pacific Railway which passes through town and down one side of the Zilker Neighborhood. A year and a half ago, a trainload of assorted toxic materials rode through our neighborhood and derailed in Round Rock. There is an Inter-agency Committee on Hazardous Materials Transportation, composed of federal, state, county, and city officials, as well as members of industry and the general public. ZNA may wish to address this committee.
2. An update on Special Events Policy/Aqua Fest by Larry Akers.

.topic rapist (1989sept)
A rapist has been victimizing our neighborhood. Last week, a Zilker neighbor went out to water her lawn at dusk, and when she went back into her house an assailant was waiting. The police don't a have a good description of the attacker. Be on guard: keep your screens latched, doors locked and eyes open for suspicious characters.

.topic recycle (1989sept)
The city recycling people have asked us to inform all citizens who are currently recycling to observe some basic guidelines. When putting out your newspapers, do not include shiny or colored supplements (includes Sunday comix, Target, Mervyn's flyers, etc.). These kinds of papers apparently do not bleach well and are unreclaimable for reusage. If they get into the recycling batch, the city can't sell the papers. If you have been separating your glass by colors, you need not bother to do so any longer. Wine jugs, mayo jars and root beer bottles can all be tossed into the same container.