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.znews 1989_Nov (1989nov)

.topic meeting (1989nov)
Neighborhood Meeting Monday, November 20, 7 p.m. 1812 Kinney Avenue Baptist Church Agenda
1. Discussion on crime prevention in the Zilker neighborhood
2. A report on proposed policy changes for 1990 Aquafest which affect the neighborhood.

.topic message_president (1989nov)

A WORD from the President

I was surprised by the depth of the reaction to the warning about the rapist in the last Z News. I've requested the Police Department to give our community a presentation on rape prevention and reporting and they will do so at Kinney Avenue Baptist Church, Monday, November 27 at 7:00 pm (Our regulary meeting takes place November 20).Lieutenant Sasek of the Community Relations Dept. served several years in the Sex Crimes Division and I'm confident that he will be able to field any questions.

My own feeling on the matter is that one rape in our neighborhood is too many, but our best defense against the violent criminal is close contact with our neighbors. We're fortunate to have many retired persons and people who work out of their homes in our neighborhood, which makes it an undesirable target from the criminal viewpoint.
So next time you see that familiar neighbor whose name you just can't place, go on up and introduce yourself. He or she may save your life someday.

Bob Ogorzaly
President, Zilker Neighborhood Association

.topic pecan_grove (1989nov)


The Pecan Grove development at 518 Barton Springs Road, (where Michael's Antiques is located) has been radically downscaled by the developer. The original site plan included one eight- story and two six-story office buildings, which have been eliminated in the new site plan, a reduction of 226,450 square feet. A planned health spa was also scrapped, eliminating another 30,000 square feet. The back (north) 2 1/2 acres at the site will remain a trailer park, accessible from Toomey Road only.

.topic thanks (1989nov)

Thanks to the ZNEWS Network!

Every once in a while we like to thank the network of neighbors who gets the Z-News to your front doorstep. For a zillion years now, Paulette Gravois has been Chief Distribution Officer, recruiting delivery persons, maintaining this roster of helpers, phoning them at delivery time, and then bundling up their batch of newsletters and getting it to their houses. This is very time-consuming, yet she works tirelessly, all the while maintaining a happy home, raising 3 splendid children, and fulfilling her professional responsibilities as a nurse. Whew! Next time you see Paulette tooling down Kinney Ave. in her silver Toyota van, give her the thumbs up, OK?
Finally, there are the people who deliver the ZNEWS, clever neighbors who have discovered a time-saving fact: physical fitness and community service can conveniently go hand-in-hand. If you'd like to join the ranks of these champions, call Paulette at 441-3430 and sign up for a block or two.
Thanks to: the Parks, Johnnie De Moss, Bill Bunch, Fontaine, Harriett Gonzales, Ken Laing, Jan Castleberry, Abe Oeltjen, Jeff Jack, the Falbos, Mary Barnett, Sissy Shugrue, Georgina Hudspeth, Karen Pope, Larry Akers, Carol Stahl, Barb Haverstick, the Vajgerts, the Kaplans, Cheryl Jennings-Sauer, George Kegley, Nancy Lynch, the Lohrmanns, Mary Jude Peterson, Wyatt Russell, Susan Welborn, Betsy Cooley, the Bowns, Pat Johnson, Jessica Spann, the Ogorzaly's, Carla Kieke, Kay Trybus, Diana Claitor and David Elliott.

.topic noise (1989nov)

Public Hearing Set For Tuesday, Novem by Larry Akers
Over six months of negotiations still have not produced livable limits on amplified sound in the draft Special Events Policy for Austin's parks, but now is the time for the policymakers to hear directly from those most immediately affected by the late night drumbeat.
Two elements of the policy endanger the integrity of Town Lake neighborhoods:
1) The amplified sound curfew allows a number of events to continue until midnight on weeknights and specifically allows the Austin Aqua Festival to blast music until 12:48 a.m. on every night of its operation.
2) Quotas on the number of annual late night (after 10 p.m.) concerts allow for significantly more than we have now, both at Auditorium Shores and the Zilker soccer fields.
The positions requested by neighborhood negotiation have been strict limits of midnight on weekends and nights preceding holidays and 10 p.m. on all other nights, with quotas set to allow no more late night events than we currently endure. This itself is a compromise position from our original request for a strict 10 p.m. limit on all days.
Our last and best shot is right now! The Special Events Taskforce will conduct a public hearing this Tuesday, November 21, at 5:30 p.m. in the large meeting room at Town Lake Center (the Sumiken Building) at 721 Barton Springs Road.
The taskforce needs to hear our voices loud and clear. Some members are fence-straddling and have made remarks like saying that if the late night noise were in their (West Austin) neighborhood, they would go to court to stop it, yet they have voted for the late curfews. That is a double stand, folks, but it is also an indication their votes could be swayed.
The policy strategy will be discussed at the ZNA meeting Monday night.

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