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.ZNEWS 1984_Feb (1984feb)

.topic Lost_Canyon (1984feb)
February 14...Planning Commission granted a special permit for- a 50-unit CONDO at KINNEY BARTON SPRINGS ROAD.
The previous Special Permit had expired. It was for 66 units and would EXIT onto BARTON SPRINS ROAD. This one is 50 units but will EXIT onto KINNEY 100 feet up the bill from BARTON SPRINGS ROAD (about at the telephone pole with the arrows on it).
ZNA has appealed the permit because we want the access to be on BARTON SPRINGS ROAD.
The hearing is Thursday March 15th at 5:30 P.M. at City Council Chambers. We hope to convince the City that it should grant a VARIANCE to give access to BARTON SPRINGS ROAD.
Please contact the CITY COUNCIL between now and THURSDAY telling them what you feel about the driveway location.
THANK YOU. (a phone call to 477-6511 is not as effective as a written note)