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MARCH MEETING 7 pm Monday, March 21st Kinney Avenue Baptist Church All the city council candidates have been invited to make a short presentation. Come and decide how to vote in the April election. Index(meeting )

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In our neighborhood, in a four-block area, twelve homes have been burglarized in the last two months. On the nights of Christmas Eve, New Year's Eve and February Ilth multiple homes had jewelry, money and other valuables taken. The neighborhood should be alerted to this rash of crime. We as a neighborhood should take whatever steps we can for the safety of our homes, our families, and our possessions. Two months ago our home was burglarized. We were out one night for only two hours, and in that time out house was ransacked and money and valuable jewelry was taken. The police told us that we were probably the victims of a gang of juveniles who have performed other burglaries in this neighborhood in the past When we asked what could be done to prevent burglaries in the future, the police told us that there was very little we could do and very little they could do. One problem the police cited was that in the past they have arrested juveniles, and that the juvenile system was such that the kids stayed on the street.
We cannot tolerate routine burglaries in our neighborhood. We would like to have a meeting of all those who have been burglarized. As a group we can come up with a plan of preventive action. Together we can raise our voices and let the Police Department and the City know of our problems and our needs. There are also things we can do as a neighborhood to lower the risk of crime. If you have been burglarized, please contact the number below. If anyone else is interested in protecting our neighborhood, please call also. Together we can stop these burglaries.
Telephone: 445-6933
Ed. Note: The writer does not wish to be identified, due to the nature of the problem.

.topic usa (1983mar)


United South Austin (USA), a group composed of representatives from neighborhood associations, civic clubs and other groups in South Austin has met twice since our January 17, 1983 Zilker meeting.
At the 1-19-83 USA Meeting the main concern was the proposed New Zoning Ordinance in its revised form of December 7, 1982(to date, the latest revision available to the public). Lengthy discussions evolved regarding the radical change in the revision the expansion of the central area parking exemption making the new boundaries south of the river as follows: IH-35, Riverside Drive, E. Bouldin Creek, Post Oak, S. Lamar to the river. Expanding the central area parking exemption in effect expands the Central Business District to the same boundaries. Therefore, intensive development of the 4th-height-and-area type (200 ft. height limitation according to current zoning ordinance; no height limit under proposed new zoning ordinance) would be allowed and encouraged within these boundaries. Furthermore, the parking exemption allows the builder to provide only 10% of the parking that the development would generate. USA unanimously moved that United South Austin urges the City Council to confine the central area parking exemption to the contiguous 4th Height and Area district north of the river.
The above motion was presented to the City Council at the 1-20-83 public hearing on the Zoning Ordinance
Needing more time to study the possible results, the City Council has delayed voting on this ordinance.
The 2-3-83 USA meeting saw more discussion concerning the new Zoning Ordinance. It was decided that each member would study the proposed ordinance and come to the next meeting prepared to vote on:
To support the ordinance with specified changes and what the changes should be, and To support the Zilker Neighborhood Association letter to the City Council (that we requested Cicily Simms write at our last ZNA meeting, outlining our specific objections to the new ordinance). by Glenna Balch

.topic zoning (1983mar)

PROPOSED NEW ZONING ORDINANCE For the latest United Austin Meeting on March 2, 1983, James Pinedo, USA founder, from Bouldin Creek Neighborhood Association, compiled a list of 17 objections to the December 7, 1982 draft. United South Austin unanimously voted to oppose the following parts of the 12-7-82 draft: the extension of the Central Area Parking Exemption Boundaries (which brings downtown zoning south of Town Lake), the weakening of compatibility standards between single family and multi-family housing, the removal of the traffic increase limits for new multi-family housing developments. USA also voted unanimously for adding a neighborhood planning policy, the Neighborhood Conservation Combining Districts, allowance of earlier site plan review neighborhoods and a requirement that neighborhood associations be notified when zoning change applications are made. USA agreed to consider the Downtown Overlay Zone (for example Town Lake, Congress Avenue and E Sixth Street) concept, the open grandfather clauses of the ordinance (Property now zoned 3rd height & area could be developed under the old ordinance for 10 years forward), and Central Business District height limits (should it have a height limit? how high?). These parts we will vote on at the March 16, 1983 meeting. The Austin Neighborhood Council discussed these same 17 objections and agreed to vote on these problems at the March 28, 1983 ANC meeting.

.topic dues (1983mar)
Richard Gravois, President $1.00 for Senior Citizens (65 and over)
1402 Kinney Avenue Name
Austin, Texas 78704 Address
Z NEWS: Editor Beth Brown, Circulation Paulette Gravois, CONTRIBUTORS: Glenna Balch, Walt Bronstad, Richard Gravois, Eleanor McKinney

.topic vote (1983mar)

VOTE the day before Easter) If you are planning a trip that weekend, you can vote absentee at the Municipal Building, 8th and Colorado, or at the South Austin Multi-Purpose Center, 2508 Durwood, March 14 - 19. Index(vote )

.topic znaminutes (1983mar)

ZNA met January 17th at Kinney Ave: Baptist Church. agenda subJects were:
Resubdivision at Bluebonnet and Frazier
Bill Aleshire on needed school bonds
Beth Brown on city's recycling waste
Discussion of proposed zoning ordinance Residential. Commercial and Investment Real Estate Karen McGraw on downtown revitalization Plan. A motion to support We decided to lobby in favor of the unamended Downtown Revitalization

.topic madd (1983mar)

"Mothers Against Drunk Drivers" was postponed. FUNDRAISER PARTY FOR SALLY SHIPMAN Wendy Wipperman and Elizabeth McLane invite all Zilker/Barton Hills neighbors to a fundraising party for City Council candidate Sally Shipman at their home on Saturday, March 19, from 7-9 p.m. Come party with Sally and friends at 1607 Norris Drive. Munchies and cash bar provided. For directions or more information, call Wendy or Elizabeth at 443-4866. Index(madd )

.topic advertise (1983mar)

PRIDE OF OWNERSHIP When I listed this Barton Heights home, people said that someone would have to be crazy to buy it. The property had been a neglected rental unit for many years and had been rated as substandard by the City of Austin. The list of repairs required by the City was a long one and it included everything from structural to plumbing to electrical work. The yard looked like a jungle and the outbuildings were in terrible shape. It has been only a year since this home was purchased by the present owner but already you can see how much difference a little cash and a lot of work and imagination can accomplish. The yard is coming along fine and a very nice garden area has been added. Fresh paint and many extra touches have made this rambling older house into a very attractive and comfortable home. If you or anyone you know are interested in buying an older home in our area, please call Henry Benedict & Associates first. We know Barton Heightl and the Zilker area better than anyone and we are ready to help you buy or sell at any time. We want to be your real estate firm. Henry Benedict & Associates